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She Will Rise © Sandy Rapp 2008 Updated in 2016, Sandy Rapp’s “She Will Rise” is about the late and legendary poet Maya Angelou’s declaration of support for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Do you hear what they're tellin' in the street? How the goodly poet made a prophecy? Hear it now, hear it loud, Hear it how the prophet spoke of Hillary. Did you see the silver writing on the screen? From the poet who knew why the caged bird sings? Speaking straight, back in ’08. She said rise, and rise is right again today. Chorus: She Will Rise; She Will Rise. She will fly like an eagle to the hill. And she will fly; she will fly From the ashes She Will Rise, yes she will. When Sue Anthony went out into the polls, She knew the way to her was firmly closed. But she rose, yes she rose; Now the women of the country have the vote. I am wiser now and just as strong as you, "And ain't I a woman?" asked Sojourner Truth. Hear it ring, hear it sing; Hear the promise of the prophet that it brings: Repeat chorus

Info Contact: Sandy Rapp



Telephone: 631-329-5193

MP3 Song Title: "She Will Rise"

Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for immediate download by pool members

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