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Star David feat Alexandra Burke

David Anthony Graham alias Star David aka Grammy UK artist has been in the music biz since 1992 and was a 2011 & 2012 MP3 awards nominee. Star David started out in Midlands Wolverhampton studios such as the Sam Sharpe Music Projects.Lots of UK artist came from this music stable such as Macka B, Apache Indian, Beverley Knight, Pato Banton, Nyah etc.The chief engineer was Dread Lester Samuels, mentor to myself Bev Knight n more unfortunately he died some yrs ago. I have worked with other Uk artist such as Tenna Star,Claire Angel,Fowlie Don, Pnut, Blacka Don, Amadeus, Born Horny, JC Money, Loc crew, Ras Ackeem, Machine Man,Tenor Star, Ragga Magnum, Demolition Man, Hughie Issachar, Ras Issacher, Carl Melody etc.

The voice of Jamaican voice translator app Iriebot and in the mix on popular Jamaican mixtapes by DJ Kenny Pine & Ginger dancehall vol 2,& Sticks n Stones, Star David is also a Diplomatic ambassador for Iriebot, Ceo for Charlie DAG, Iriebot & DAG Clothing, DAG Music Production & Street Distribution. Star David has performed at various Midlands Cultural Certres,n Night Clubs. and has recorded at various UK Studios such as Digital Arts Centre, Raspect Muzik ,Phattrax, Our House,Tee Xpress, Ub 40 Studios, and Mafia n Fluxy.

Star David last performed 2010 at The Anam Bar Lounge in Islington London Shelling down the club wid da song Santaz number, and received an overwhelming crowd response.

You can find some of Star David recorded materials on in the artist section.

The track "Without You" is available in the store.


Artist: ​Star David feat Alexandra Burke Song Title: Without You Genre: Hip Hop, R&B, Urban AC, Rap

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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