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Jahkill​ Born in Salem, New Jersey, Jamill Murray was born to Andrea Althea Campbell and Peter Murray. Raised in DMV Area, graduating from Montgomery Blair high school. He is responsible for the creation of Caribbean originations in High School, showcasing many forms of preforming arts for the school and community. Jamill has always been apart of the DMV dancehall community as Dancer. As side from the Caribbean influence Jamill was also able to embrace and fall in love with GOGO, which is a form of music founded by the black community in DC. Growing up Jamill has lived in a number of places including; New Jersey, New York, Florida, Maryland, and Jamaica. This allowed him to become familiar with many different cultures and sub cultures which help inspire his work today. Living in Jamaica as a child, Jamill would accompany his step father, a DJ, exposing him to the dancehall industry. The track body is an outstanding representation of his background. Giving a slow RnB vibe and still maintaining the Caribbean feel as well as incorporating East Coast colloquialisms.


Artist: JahKill

Song Title: Body

Genre: Urban, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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