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INTRODUCING KARI TAYLOR...Going for the Gold in 2020!


Kari Taylor, also known as Karen or KK, is a singer and songwriter with an insurmountable amount of talent. From childhood performances to professional performances in the studio and on stage, her commitment to her art form has never wavered.

Kari’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed as she sparked the interest of industry icons Prince, L.A. and Babyface, Stevie Wonder, and Jackie Jackson, early on in her career. That opened the door to her becoming a former member of

Rolls Royce, KLYMAXX, and LTD. Kari has also shared the stage with Chante Moore, Tata Vega, Sheldon Reynolds (EWF), the Jones Girls, and Jazz Musician Steve Oliver to name a few.

Kari Taylor is someone you know. A person with a dream to sing and write songs. Born with a natural talent to sing and rhyme, she made the transition to writing songs, a smooth one. To listen to her music, is to experience Kari. Her smooth, soulful but powerful voice captivates you, her

engaging vibe draws you in and you begin to experience her story as it relates to yours...journeys that unfold in her music...Music is not what Kari does, it’s who she is...

Two of her newest tracks "Falling" and "Caught Up" have been getting lots of national radio attention. Both tracks are currently in rotation in Cleveland at network affiliate WHTL 95.2 FM Tha Land.

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