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Chesney Claire was born in Lake Charles, LA in July 2001. Graduated with 3.8 GPA from high school with a full ride scholarship to LSU which she declined to chase her music dream- only realized after the simultaneous death of three of her closest family members.

Born a fighter and determined to win, Chesney threw herself head first into writing music and has made it a goal to "Walk into a room full of people and not have to introduce myself." 6 months after high school graduation, Chesney moved to Las Vegas where there were musicians and producers eagerly waiting to work with her.

She's worked with some major producers and to date has released 3 original singles and will release the 4th- "COME ALIVE" on May 14th, 2021. Her music can be found on all streaming platforms. You can Google her name and find hundreds of links.

Artist: Chesney Claire

Track: Come Alive featuring Jai Sessions

Genre/Format: Pop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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