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The Eonian group was officially born in early February 2020. An Italian band with progressive pop-rock roots that performs both in Italian and in English and is made up of artists who come from previous musical experiences.

Marcello Convertini originally from Canada, sings as a soloist, keyboardist, and back-up vocals. He has previous experience in music and has been part of various Canadian groups and as soloist, songwriter and musician. He has also participated in theatrical productions of musicals.

Paul Salvatore Ferrarotto is a bilingual singer-songwriter with a life past in India. Plays the acoustic guitar and sings as a soloist and back-up vocals. His artistic experience is multifaceted, from an actor and directer in short films to a sound engineer.

Antonio Valente plays drums and sings as a soloist and back-up vocalist. It was born as a soloist with various rock bands. He acquired experiences that propelled him towards the world of progressive rock with famous artists playing the drums.

Simone Sassi is the bassist of the group. He studied piano and played keyboards and bass with various rock, blues, funky, disco bands, performing both covers and tributes as well as their own songs. He also has experience in the theatrical realm.

Ferruccio Rosellini plays the electric guitar. His passion for music cohabitates with the figurative arts as an artist and teacher of art.

The band recently released a first album "I Still Believe in You" with the aim of communicating messages of searching and hope. The album was recorded in Rome in studio 66 and was produced by Alessandro Meozzi. Using Vintage equipment and recording methods they tend to maintain a line of continuity between the sound reproduced in the studio a live performance.

Artist: EONIAN

Track: Your Power - (soundreef)

Genre/Format: Rock/Pop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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