R&B/Hip-Hop 66RW Internet Radio 66 RAW R&B/Hip-Hop ARHY Networks WESTWOODONE - THE RHYTHM R&B/Hip-Hop ATOU Networks WESTWOODONE - THE TOUCH R&B/Hip-Hop AUMA Internet Radio AUMA RADIO R&B/Hip-Hop B100 Internet Radio BE100 RADIO R&B/Hip-Hop DAGR Internet Radio DAGR8FM R&B/Hip-Hop DBEA Internet Radio 103.7 DA BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop DSRO Internet Radio DIRTY SOUTH RADIO ONLINE R&B/Hip-Hop EVOL Internet Radio EVOLVE RADIO 24/7 R&B/Hip-Hop K100 Internet Radio K100 RADIO R&B/Hip-Hop KAJM Phoenix, AZ MEGA 104.3 R&B/Hip-Hop KBFB Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX 97.9 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop KBLX San Francisco, CA R&B 102.9 FM R&B/Hip-Hop KBTT Shreveport, LA 103.7FM THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop KBXX Houston-Galveston, TX 97.9 THE BOX R&B/Hip-Hop KDAY Los Angeles, CA 93.5 KDAY R&B/Hip-Hop KDKS Shreveport, LA KDKS 102.1 R&B/Hip-Hop KFLO Denver, CO FLO 107.1 R&B/Hip-Hop KHTP Seattle-Tacoma, WA HOT 103.7 R&B/Hip-Hop KHYL Sacramento, CA V101.1 R&B/Hip-Hop KIPR Little Rock, AR POWER 92 R&B/Hip-Hop KISX HOT 107-3 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop KJLH Los Angeles, CA KJLH 102.3 FM R&B/Hip-Hop KJMM Tulsa, OK KJAMZ 105.3 R&B/Hip-Hop KJMS Memphis, TN V101.1 R&B/Hip-Hop KKDA Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX K104 R&B/Hip-Hop KMEL San Francisco, CA KMEL JAMS 106.1 R&B/Hip-Hop KMEZ New Orleans, LA OLD SCHOOL 106.7 R&B/Hip-Hop KMJJ Shreveport, LA 99.7 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop KMJK Kansas City, MO-KS MAGIC 107.3 R&B/Hip-Hop KMJM St. Louis, MO 100.3 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop KMJQ Houston-Galveston, TX MAJIC 102 R&B/Hip-Hop KNDA Corpus Christi, TX 102.9 DA BOMB R&B/Hip-Hop KNEK Lafayette, LA MAGIC 104.7 R&B/Hip-Hop KNEV Reno, NV 95.5 THE VIBE R&B/Hip-Hop KOAS Las Vegas, NV OLD SCHOOL 105.7 R&B/Hip-Hop KOKY Little Rock, AR KOKY 102.1 FM R&B/Hip-Hop KPRS Kansas City, MO-KS HOT 103 JAMZ! R&B/Hip-Hop KQBT Houston-Galveston, TX 93.7 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop KQIE OLD SCHOOL 104.7 R&B/Hip-Hop KQXL Baton Rouge, LA Q106 DOT 5 R&B/Hip-Hop KRNB Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX KR&B 105.7 FM R&B/Hip-Hop KRRL Los Angeles, CA REAL 92.3 R&B/Hip-Hop KRRQ Lafayette, LA Q 95.5 FM R&B/Hip-Hop KSOC Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX BOOM 94.5 R&B/Hip-Hop KSSX San Diego, CA JAM'N 95.7 R&B/Hip-Hop KSZR Tucson, AZ 97.5 THE VIBE R&B/Hip-Hop KTCX Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX MAGIC 102.5 R&B/Hip-Hop KTWV Los Angeles, CA 94.7 THE WAVE R&B/Hip-Hop KVMA Shreveport, LA MAGIC 102.9 R&B/Hip-Hop KVSP Oklahoma City, OK POWER 103.5 R&B/Hip-Hop KWBT Waco, TX 94.5 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop KXHT Memphis, TN HOT 107.1 FM R&B/Hip-Hop KXJM Portland, OR JAM'N 107.5 R&B/Hip-Hop KZTS Little Rock, AR STREETZ 101.1 R&B/Hip-Hop LMIA Internet Radio LIVE FROM THE MIA R&B/Hip-Hop MCHH Networks MC MUSIC CHOICE - HIP-HOP AND R&B R&B/Hip-Hop MCRB Networks MC MUSIC CHOICE - R&B SOUL R&B/Hip-Hop MCRP Networks MC MUSIC CHOICE - RAP R&B/Hip-Hop P102 Internet Radio POWER102JAMZ Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol, TN/VA West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL Tyler-Longview, TX Riverside-San Bernardino, CA R&B/Hip-Hop POWR Internet Radio POWER 107.9 R&B/Hip-Hop SXHH Networks SIRIUS XM - HIP-HOP NATION R&B/Hip-Hop SXHS Networks SIRIUS XM - HEART & SOUL R&B/Hip-Hop SXHT Networks SIRIUS XM - THE HEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WAGH Columbus, GA MAGIC 101.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WAKB Augusta, GA MAGIC 100.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WALR Atlanta, GA KISS 104.1 R&B/Hip-Hop WAMJ Atlanta, GA MAJIC 107.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WAMO-AM Pittsburgh, PA WAMO R&B/Hip-Hop WBAV Charlotte, NC V101.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WBFA Columbus, GA 98.3 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WBHJ Birmingham, AL 95.7 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WBHK Birmingham, AL 98.7 KISS FM R&B/Hip-Hop WBLK Buffalo, NY 93.7 WBLK R&B/Hip-Hop WBLS New York, NY 107.5 FM WBLS R&B/Hip-Hop WBLX Mobile, AL 93 BLX R&B/Hip-Hop WBTF Lexington, KY 107.9 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WBTJ Richmond, VA 106.5 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WBTP 95.7 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WCDX Richmond, VA IPOWER 92.1 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WCFB Orlando, FL STAR 94.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WCHZ-AM Augusta, GA HOT 95.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WCKX Columbus, OH POWER 107.5 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WDAS Philadelphia, PA WDAS 105.3 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WDIA-AM Memphis, TN WDIA AM 1070 R&B/Hip-Hop WDKX Rochester, NY 104 WDKX R&B/Hip-Hop WDLT Mobile, AL 104.1 WDLT R&B/Hip-Hop WDMK Detroit, MI 105.9 KISS FM R&B/Hip-Hop WDZZ Flint, MI Z 92.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WEAS Savannah, GA E-93 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WEDR Miami, FL 99 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WENZ Cleveland, OH Z107.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WERQ Baltimore, MD 92Q JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WEUP Huntsville, AL 103.1 FM WEUP R&B/Hip-Hop WFHT KISS 107.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WFLM 104.5 WFLM THE FLAME R&B/Hip-Hop WFUN St. Louis, MO FOXY 95.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WFXA Augusta, GA FOXIE 103 R&B/Hip-Hop WFXC Raleigh-Durham, NC FOXY 107.1 R&B/Hip-Hop WFXE Columbus, GA FOXIE 105 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WGCI Chicago, IL 107.5 WGCI R&B/Hip-Hop WGPR Detroit, MI HOT 107.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WGVX Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN THE VIBE 105 R&B/Hip-Hop WGZB Louisville, KY B96 R&B/Hip-Hop WHBX Tallahassee, FL 96.1 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WHEN-AM Syracuse, NY POWER 620AM R&B/Hip-Hop WHHH Indianapolis, IN HOT 96.3 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WHHL St. Louis, MO HOT 104.1 R&B/Hip-Hop WHQT Miami, FL HOT 105 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WHRK Memphis, TN K97 R&B/Hip-Hop WHRP Huntsville, AL 94.1 WHRP THE ADULT MIX R&B/Hip-Hop WHTA Atlanta, GA HOT 107.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WHUR Washington, DC WHUR 96.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WHXT Columbia, SC HOT 103.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WIIZ Augusta, GA THE WIZ 97.9 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WIKS 101.9 KISS FM R&B/Hip-Hop WIMX Toledo, OH WIMX MIX 95.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WIZF Cincinnati, OH 101.1 THE WIZ R&B/Hip-Hop WJBT Jacksonville, FL 93.3 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WJLB Detroit, MI WJLB FM 98 R&B/Hip-Hop WJMH Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC 102-JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WJMI Jackson, MS 99 JAMS R&B/Hip-Hop WJMR Milwaukee, WI JAMMIN' 98.3 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WJMZ 107.3 JAMZ! R&B/Hip-Hop WJTT Chattanooga, TN POWER 94 R&B/Hip-Hop WJUC Toledo, OH THE JUICE R&B/Hip-Hop WJWZ Montgomery, AL 97.9 JAMZ Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL Greenville-New Bern, NC Greenville-Spartanburg, SC R&B/Hip-Hop WJZE Toledo, OH HOT 97.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WKAF Boston, MA THE NEW 97.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WKJS Richmond, VA 105.7 KISS FM R&B/Hip-Hop WKKV Milwaukee, WI V100 R&B/Hip-Hop WKSP Augusta, GA KISS 96.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WKXI Jackson, MS KIXIE 107 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WKXN Montgomery, AL THE BIG STATION R&B/Hip-Hop WKYS Washington, DC 93.9 KISS FM R&B/Hip-Hop WKZJ Columbus, GA K92.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WLVH Savannah, GA LOVE 101.1 R&B/Hip-Hop WLXC Columbia, SC KISS 103.1 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WMBX X 102.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WMGC Detroit, MI 105.1 THE BOUNCE R&B/Hip-Hop WMGJ Birmingham, AL MAGIC 1240 AM R&B/Hip-Hop WMGL Charleston, SC MAGIC 107.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WMIB Miami, FL 103.5 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WMJM Louisville, KY MAGIC 101.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WMMJ Washington, DC MAJIC 102.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WMPZ Chattanooga, TN GROOVE 93 R&B/Hip-Hop WMXD Detroit, MI MIX 92.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WMXZ-HD Charleston, SC 99.3 THE BOX R&B/Hip-Hop WNBM New York, NY RADIO 103.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WNOV-AM Milwaukee, WI THE NEW WNOV R&B/Hip-Hop WOSL Cincinnati, OH 100.3 R&B R&B/Hip-Hop WOWI Norfolk-Virginia Beach, VA WOWI 103 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WPEG Charlotte, NC POWER 98 WPEG-FM R&B/Hip-Hop WPHI Philadelphia, PA BOOM 103.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WPRW Augusta, GA POWER 107 R&B/Hip-Hop WPWX Chicago, IL POWER 92 R&B/Hip-Hop WQBT Savannah, GA 94.1 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WQHH Lansing-East Lansing, MI POWER 96.5 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WQMG Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC 97.1 QMG R&B/Hip-Hop WQNC Charlotte, NC 92.7 THE BLOCK R&B/Hip-Hop WQOK Raleigh-Durham, NC K97.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WQOX Memphis, TN 88.5 THE VOICE OF MCS R&B/Hip-Hop WQQK Nashville, TN 92 Q R&B/Hip-Hop WQUE New Orleans, LA Q93 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WRBJ Jackson, MS THE BEAT OF THE CAPITAL R&B/Hip-Hop WRBO Memphis, TN 103.5 WRBO R&B/Hip-Hop WRNB Philadelphia, PA OLD SCHOOL 100.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WROU Dayton, OH 92.1 WROU R&B/Hip-Hop WRWM Indianapolis, IN 93.9 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WSOL Jacksonville, FL V 101.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WSRB Chicago, IL SOUL 106.3 R&B/Hip-Hop WTFX Louisville, KY 93.1 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WTLC Indianapolis, IN WTLC 106.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WTLZ Saginaw-Bay City-Midland, MI KISS 107.1 R&B/Hip-Hop WTMP-AM TAMPA BAY'S CLASSIC HIP-HOP R&B/Hip-Hop WTSX POWER 104.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WTUG Birmingham, AL 92.9 WTUG R&B/Hip-Hop WTYB Savannah, GA MAGIC 103.9 R&B/Hip-Hop WUBT Nashville, TN 101.1 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WUHT Birmingham, AL HOT 107.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WUSL Philadelphia, PA POWER 99 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WVAZ Chicago, IL V-103 R&B/Hip-Hop WVBB VIBE 97.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WVEE Atlanta, GA V-103 R&B/Hip-Hop WVKL Norfolk-Virginia Beach, VA 95.7 R&B R&B/Hip-Hop WWDM Columbia, SC THE BIG DM 101FM R&B/Hip-Hop WWIN Baltimore, MD MAGIC 95.9 FM R&B/Hip-Hop WWMG Montgomery, AL MAGIC 97 R&B/Hip-Hop WWPR New York, NY POWER 105.1 R&B/Hip-Hop WWWS-AM Buffalo, NY AM 1400 SOLID GOLD SOUL R&B/Hip-Hop WWWZ Charleston, SC Z93 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WXMG Columbus, OH MAGIC 95.5 R&B/Hip-Hop WXST Charleston, SC STAR 99.7 R&B/Hip-Hop WXYY Savannah, GA G100.1 West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL Kokomo, IN Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA R&B/Hip-Hop WYBC Hartford, CT THE RHYTHM OF THE CITY R&B/Hip-Hop WYLD New Orleans, LA WYLD FM98 R&B/Hip-Hop WZAK Cleveland, OH 93.1 FM WZAK CLEVELAND'S R&B LEADER R&B/Hip-Hop WZCB Columbus, OH 106.7 THE BEAT R&B/Hip-Hop WZFX Raleigh-Durham, NC FOXY 99 JAMZ R&B/Hip-Hop WZHT Montgomery, AL HOT 105 R&B/Hip-Hop WZRL Indianapolis, IN REAL 98.3 R&B/Hip-Hop

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