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Blog Placements

Radio Airplay Network  Blog  Placements

Our blog placement packages will get your single, video, EP, mixtape etc posted on a number of Urban, & Hip-Hop blogs. Our packages begin at a minimum of 10 blog placements and go up from there. We begin posting your material within 72 hours of payment and we will provide you with all of the  for each placement. If there are any specific blogs that you want to get on the most, just let us know and we will make those our primary focus. The bigger the blog is the higher the rate for placement.


           Music Video – Single and Mixtape Blog Promotion and Placements. Music Blog Packages


    Package #1 Ning Blog Networks          Package #2 Popular Blogs/Sites               


     $45 for 5 Ning blog Posts                                               $100 for 10-15 blogs/sites


     $75 for 10 Ning blog Posts                                                            $200 for 25 blogs/sites

                                                                                               $350 for 45 blogs/sites


                                                                                               $500 for 60 blogs/sites

     Package #3 Top Blogs/Sites                         Package #4 Major Blogs/Sites


$300.00 for 10  Top blogs/sites + 10 Popular sites/blogs             $700.00 for 2-3 Major blogs/sites +25 Popular sites/blogs


$500.00 for 20 Top blogs/sites + 10 Popular sites/blogs                  $1000.00 for 4-5 Major blogs/sites +25 Popular sites/blogs


$750.00 for 30 Top blogs/sites + 20 Popular sites/blogs                  $1500.00 for 6-8 Major blogs/sites +50 Popular sites/blogs


               ****PICK YOUR PACKAGE TO GET STARTED!****


Simply Send us:

  1. Your Mixtape or Song Front Cover (Jpg)  300 dpi preferred

  2. A Link to your Mixtape, or Song and Description

  3. For Videos: Your Video Link and Description

  4. Email all items to AFTER your purchase

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