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Mysta Pulse

Born in the 80's growing up in Los Angeles California music always had an impact on the culture. I grew up listening to Ice Cube, Ice T, NWA and Dj Quick plus many other artist. I have always been a fan of music because growing up we had music for entertainment instead of television. My first time ever rapping was at the age of seven in my church. I never stopped rapping since then. My inspiration to become an artist was when I saw the video "Jump" by KrisKross. That's when I started writing my on lyrics and performing at local talent shows, and when I got older I performed at high school events. I also wrote songs for friends to sing at shows and parties. After managing a few artist I decided to comeback to where I am supposed to be a Hip-Hop Artist. Driven by success and determination my mindset is to be the best. I created the name Pulse because the word "Pulse" has a lot to do with life and that's what my music does, bring and inspire you to dance and bring life that motivate you through music.


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