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Timothy Pearson

Timothy Pearson

Dayton, Ohio’s, Timothy Pearson is a silky voiced R&B artist that is moving quickly up the charts. Coming from a long line of timeless performers from Dayton such as the Ohio Players, Slave, Sun, Zapp and Roger Troutman, Pearson is making a big name for himself. Growing up he was surrounded by jazz, pop, and even gospel. As an adult he has managed to use those influences and fuse those genres into a sound that is all his own. Pearson has been a musician for over ten years moving from city to city to find just the right talent to surround him with. Within past five years have seen Pearson cut two successful singles. The latest, out this past March, “Like A Porn Star”, has shot up the iTunes charts, surpassing some of the largest names in the industry on its way. Sales have been good and the fan base now includes a huge following overseas. This is a testament to the strength of Pearson’s writing and his knack for always finding the right production team. Pearson’s fan base happens to be mostly women. After listening to “Like A Porn Star” this should not surprise anyone. The song plays like soundtrack to an evening gone right; Dim lights, a night cap of fine liquor, looking into your lover’s bedroom eyes, and watching the sunrise between the sheets. The success of “Like A Porn Star” is only the beginning for Pearson. He never stops working and is already putting together a team for his next single. Timothy Pearson is constantly on the move, but it’s never hard to find him….just check the top of the charts.

Track: "If it's Meant to Be" (ASCAP)

Genre: R&B/Soul/Urban

The MP3 is Now Available for Immediate Download by Record Pool Members

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