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Re-introducing one of Chicago's most underrated hip hop rap specialist by the name of Tyran Maxey also known as F.A.L.C.K.U.N. His focus is on the harsh realities of life which creates a need for correction. "A conscious writer" some say. A Visionary to others, A Crusader to the world. In his efforts, he will attempt to develop an alliance with those artists in the industry who can identify that change is calling in society. His upbringing doesn't afford happy memories, but only reminds him that truth and the elevation of the mind is key. Listen to his latest release "The F.A.L.C.K.U.N. Returns" as it brings a sting and awakening to the sleep. Hold on to your headphones and listen to his wordplay.

Artist Contact Information:


Phone: 630-559-6916

Social Media:

Website: youtube video.


Track: The Falckun Returns (ASCAP)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

The MP3 is Now Available for Immediate Download by Record Pool Members

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