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Trufh Squad Generals started at the Begining of 2008, with 5 members, known first as TSD (Trufh Squad Destruction). YP and D money Decided to start their own home studio and started with an "HD8-Hard Disc recording studio with an platinum series Microphone. After Recording a couple songs Yp And D money's Uncle and his friend Heard the New Music the group was making and liked it! And In no time they started an Independent label by the summer of 2008 which went by the name of "WolfPack Records B-more". By the Fall of 2008 Trufh Squad slowly parted ways with the independent label and instead they decided to make music and grind on their own.

In the summer of 2009 they dropped their first official Raw mixtape "Fuck What U Heard V.1", in which it was only 3 trufh squad members after the other 2 members parted ways in late 2008 and early 2009. Then in 2010 Trufh squad made another mixtape Called "Look who's Talkin" , in the midst of that they changed the last part of their name To Trufh Squad Generals which was inspired by a friend that they knew and was talking to which gave them the idea that they should be called "Trufh Squad Generals". Now at this time Yp and D money's Father came along in 2010 and seen how serious they were about making music and took the group to a professional studio called After Hour Studios in Bowie,MD for two different studio sessions to record the songs for the "Look Who's Talkin" mixtape.

After he seen they worked well in the studio and got things done he helped the group get started performing live by Getting them their first show which was March 27th, 2010 at The Depot in downtown Baltimore. They performed very well and after that Yp and D money's father continued to get them shows and eveutally asked Trufh Squad Generals did they want him to be their manager and then they all agreed to have him as their manager. Then they brought in an extra person to help a little bit with booking more shows such as performing at Club One and a interview which was aired on a local Baltimore television station. Also they had 2 shows in Raleigh,North carolina in 2011 with an internet radio station called " Global".They also had a meet and greet for the New Release of their mixtape General Admission that weekend of their mixtape release party and performance.Then they shot their very first underground video for their song on the mixtape called "Dats Wassup" In Raleigh North Carolina. After the General Admission Mixtape in Feburary 2011 Trufh Squad Generals parted ways from the management and then YP and D Money parted ways from the third member.In early 2012 YP and D Money continued and made their first mixtape with just the two of them called "Tha YP And Dmoney Take Ova" which they promoted on the internet and performed at a lounge in Essex,MD and did another performance with Global when they came to Baltimore.

In late November 2012 they came out with their second mixtape with just them two called "What You Hear,Is What You See". After the mixtape dropped their friend Bduds who was once a member when it was 5 members in their group, helped them shoot a video called "Life Is Pain" for the "What You Hear,Is What You See" mixtape. Then in the spring of 2013 they came out with 5 freestyle tracks on 5 industry beats and named each of them with hash tags.They end up making 3 videos out of the 5 freestyles. In the summer of 2013 they came out with their next mixtape called "Appetite For Change" and made a video for the mixtape called "No Love" in the fall of 2013. Later on in December of 2013 they came out with there second 5 freestyle tracks called "The YP And DSTAL #Final 5" and before the 5 freestlyes dropped, member Dmoney changed his name to DSTAL which is an acronym for "Da Slick Thinking Authentic Lyricst" which he describes his self as,and YP made a slight adjustment to his name from "Yung Phil" to "Young Passionate" which defines him better

.In January of 2014 Trufh Squad Generals created a new official logo for their group that they will reveal on their next mixtape later in 2014. That next month in early Feburary of 2014 they dropped a freestlye track to the Drake's Pound Cake instrumental called "Pound Cake TrufhStyle" and also dropped a video for it in early Feburary. After 8 years both YP and DSTAL are still going and now working on there new mixtape thats coming out in 2015 continuing there journey to success

Artist: Trufh Squad Generals

Track: The Way We Put it Down

Publisher: Daren Phillip Riggins Publishing (ASCAP) / Priggins3rd Music (BMI)

Genre: R&B, Funk, Dance

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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