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THE ALBUM IS HERE! The new Ty Waters debut album Only Human is now available on Apple Music! The album has 8 original tracks featuring powerful vocals and energizing rhythms.

Ty Waters recorded these eight punchy, rocking, soulful and profoundly uplifting songs at just age ten. His spectacular and nuanced voice, his joyous spirit, and his gift for composition would be reason enough for instant acclaim, so it’s no surprise that this young man attracted an A-list team of co-composers, arrangers, and session musicians for this recording.

That team was headed up by veteran producer, composer, pianist Ty's Mentor, Dawn Elder. Impressive. But when you consider the events that led to all this achievement, the story becomes a true life fairy tale. Just eleven years old, Ty Waters is one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary music. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, he gave his first live concert at age four and has not stopped since. Today, Ty sings with soulful nuance and irresistible charisma that invite comparisons with his two great heroes, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Ty’s debut album Only Human backs up such praise with rock-solid performances, beginning with the album’s inspirational title track, a pop anthem Ty composed with veteran producer Dawn Elder and legendary songwriters Michael Jay and Randy Waldman.

The song culminates Ty’s experience as a child who overcame a speech impediment by learning to sing—first from oldies in his parents’ CD collection, then YouTube videos by the greatest pop and R&B artists of the past 50 years. Imitation helped Ty hone his remarkable skills as a singer, but soon he began coming up with original musical and lyrical ideas. Playing drums and piano by ear, and singing like an angel, Ty made music constantly, even playing in the dark, keen to master the confidence and ability to play and sing without looking at the piano keys, so as to maximize interaction with a live audience.

Meanwhile, the awards and invitations to perform kept on coming from Carnegie Hall to performing in front of 100, 000 plus in attendance at a festival in Southern California to performing before the film and entertainment industry at the HMMA Awards just prior to winning best Pop Song for the title track of this album. The song “Only Human” is a joyous ode to positive thinking and individual expression: every one of us is one of a kind. It introduces a set of songs aimed at making people feel good in a bad world.

Elder assembled a dream team of collaborators for the Only Human recording—including session players who have worked with Stevie, Michael, Diana Ross, Sting, Foo Fighters, Celine Dion, Eminem and others. The album—out on TKJ Records- DeMusic —is the calling card of a young singer/songwriter destined to alter the popular music landscape.


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