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The Multi-Award winning recording artist Etcetera is roaring back with another sure-fire hit with his latest single “KEEP IT 100”. This single features the vocals of critically acclaimed R&B singer Tory Lanez. Etcetera, coming off his most efficacious studio album “Character,” has proving to be a brand, drawing audiences from across the globe. “KEEP IT 100” was initially released to a plethora of mixtape Dj’s across the globe and due to its overwhelming response has since then spun right off into the hands of mainstream radio. “The fans did it and I am grateful” - Etcetera “KEEP IT 100” was first debuted by superstar comedian and thespian Tony Rock, on DJ NINA9’s Sirius XM’s show, Hip Hop Nation and filled the ears of millions of enthusiastic listeners. The single strives to take its listeners back to a time when hip-hop had a flow, when it was fun, told a story and made people feel good. It has definitely succeeded in its endeavor, as it has received overwhelming accolades and feedback. The sizzling collaboration continues to spawn impressive radio plays and global streams from local stations like The Saturday Morning Wake Up Show on FLOempire Radio to worldwide stations like Sirius XM and its new home, iHeart Radio. Etcetera epitomizes a dynamic and unique brand. He is not only a multi-award winner, but an executive TV / film and soundtrack producer and a women’s’ fragrance designer. He continually pushes boundaries and connects audiences across many spectrums, and recently partnered with manager David Ash beneath the umbrella of the world’s most prolific music company, Universal Music Group and Ash’s interest, World Wide Music. Fans and industry insiders alike can look forward to the music and ventures of this self-styled virtuoso. He is not only a consummate musician that can generate hits but he is also moving forward to help make hip-hop great again. Media Contact: Keke Woodman - Publicist

Telephone: 312-450- 9534

"Keep it 100 ft Tory Lanez" Video

Artist: Etcetera

Track: Keep it 100 featuring Tory Lanez

Label: Worldwide Music Group

Genre: Urban, Hip Hop, POP

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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