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Cleveland Unlimited Records recording artist and lyrical rap master J. Israel is more than just a rapper, he's a businessman as well. As Founder & CEO of his own Record Label, Production company Righteous Music Group (RMG),and a new clothing line subsidiary, Jay has his sights set firmly on dominating in the hip hop industry in not just music but in the business of music. Nephew of Detroit legend Trick Trick, (No Fly Zone) Jay has developed his own sound and career goals and has set out to make his own mark in the industry he loves.

In his own words "I am more than an artist I'm also a gifted servant of the most high. It's me... J.Israel born Jason Israel a determine, self motivated, driven young gifted individual. Some say I am lucky but I don't believe in luck I call it I am blessed, and thanking God for every bit of it! The saying is u don't have control of ur destiny (Not true)! God just make the plan it's in your hands to follow the direction. So as u see the path that stand Is build around a life of Gifted individual"

Born (July 14, 1986) Blessed with a gift to entertain the world With his determination, Ambition, and passion for music He was destined to preserver at such a young age. At the age of 6 J.Israel recorded his first song on Chicago's Southside In his aunt's boyfriends basement.

At that point he found out he didn't no everything about music, But because of his passion and willing to learn He took observation from other Mc 's that came throw the studio to record'. Then at the age of 11 back at it again he records his first single (they just wont leave me be) at this time he meets a upcoming producer by the name of Ul the Bossman. He was only 13, but from that day together the went on a quest to leave a mark in the hip hop Industry that no one will ever forget. With the talent of producing, songwriting, singing that quest is only a step away. J.Israel has everything the this Industry doesn't have and more and as a blessed faithful believer in Most high.

Jay's single release with C-Town Records is entitled "Summer Time". It is a fun, R&B laced hip-hop track with an old school feel to it that is a tribute to his hometown of Detroit Michigan. Taken from his brand new project called "Dreams Or Reality" and Produced by Splitz Wizard, This track is guaranteed to help out with your summertime swag. Available for downloading from all leading digital stores and streaming platforms , including Google Play, TIDAL, iTunes and Spotify. Another smoker from C-Town Records, The label that drops that heat!

You might want to also check out Jay's other album tracks "Saying Nothing" and Rep Yo City", all very hot tracks from the "Dreams or Reality" project.

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