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Lunga Sithole aka Rytious was born 2nd of January 1988, He was raised in Umlazi N-section in Durban Kwa Zulu Natal.He was given the name “Rytious” by his dentist who looked up the meaning of his name Lunga which means Righteousness but Rytious changed the spelling to mean yin and yen,a balance between good and bad. Rytious then started rapping at the age of 12, his inspiration being life. The conditions and the environment in which he grew up in inspired him to put his thoughts and feelings to paper and write lyrics to the best music he can possibly make.

Rytious does not only have music on his mind. He is a business man that tackles many fields as he can handle. He is currently the owner of a company called Tears Of Gold Pty Ltd.

Rytious previously joined a group in Cape Town called “Q.O.S-Question Of Style” where the audience showed a lot of love and support for their music and style. This is also where he was referred to Lungelo from TS records who he worked with on a 6 track demo. He then moved to Johannesburg where he decided to start working on his 1st album. While building his life in Johannesburg and making a name for himself in the music industry, he began working with well known South African producer Dome on his latest album called “Tears of Gold”.

His first single released from his latest album ‘Tears Of Gold’ was ‘Makube Njalo’ featuring Kage produced by Dome.

Rytious has been blessed to meet and work with the amazing talent, he has a aim not only to be known locally, but to make his mark on the international market as well. With the right strategy, team and determination working towards that goal will be a reality.



TELEPHONE: :+27788030442


Track: Goum Helele

Producer: Barry Taurus

Publisher: Tears Of Gold Pty Administered By Sheer Publishing

Genre: Urban, Rap, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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