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Recording artist Jayna Blackwell has released her new debut single entitled "That’s My Song” featuring well known Oakland rapper/producer Kenneth Christian aka Ken’Yuan. This hot track hearkens back to the fun days of danceable R&B music with a nice rhythmic flow and light, party lyrics. The single is a nice debut from California vocalist Jayna Blackwell who is billed as the "Mistress of Soul". She certainly lives up to that moniker with this perfect made-for-radio single.

That's My Song" was released on July 21, 2017 on C-Town Records, an imprint of Cleveland Unlimited Records, distributed worldwide by Centurian Music Group. The Radio Airplay Network began working the single in September, focusing first on U.K. radio which has always had a strong. loyal following of R&B and Soul music listeners.

Known as the “Mistress of Soul”, a title given her by a local promoter/producer, Jayna Blackwell has been singing since she was four years old. Singing first in church you could often find her in the youth and young adult choirs of various local churches.

While still holding on to her gospel roots, Jayna began singing R&B professionally in the early 90’s and she hasn’t stopped yet. Her eclectic musical taste and style has enabled her to develop a voice that includes genres such as R&B, Funk, Jazz and even Rock & Roll.

Jayna was recently nominated in 3 separate categories of the prestigious 2017 Bay Area Music Awards, namely Best Female R&B Performer, Best Urban Female Performer, and Best Neo-Soul Performer.

With help from the Radio Airplay Network Radio Promotion team, and the support of top U.K radio presenters like Davy T, Owen Hopkin, Bill Randle, DJ Bully B, Hugh Williams, Dave C, Brian "Bizzy" Pemberton, Paul Smithers, Jay Anderson, Leigh The Flava, Nigel Waymark & DJ NiceNess, Jayna’s debut single has just blasted in at a strong #10 position on the TOP 20 SOULBEAT RADIO UK SOUL & DANCE CHART This week it has gained 4 spots to move to #6, and has been featured in the Emerging Artist Spotlight of Papa D’s Instant Replay Showcase, a widely read and highly respected DJ and radio tipsheet, and Soulful Seduction a popular U.K. soul music radio blog

In addition to the SoulBeat Radio Charts "That's My Song" has also entered the MI CONNOISSEURS TOP 20 UK SOUL CHART at #18, a chart based on airplay reports from reporting DJ's and radio stations.

The single has international legs and has also just entered the December TOP 40 CHART on RADIO INDIE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK based in Italy.

Jayna is currently in the process of recording her freshman album with her longtime business and songwriting partner Kenneth Christian. The album will be entitled “Uncompromised” and currently has roughly 10 solid r&b and Neo Soul tracks picked for the album. There are plans to bring in several different producers to help with the final batch of songs and the final mix. We are pleased to to have the opportunity to work with this talented and exciting new music client. With an upcoming December issue spotlight feature in 1212 Entertainment Magazine, and a upcoming major promotion campaign targeting american terrestrial radio, The future looks very bright indeed for Jayna Blackwell, the "Mistress of Soul" who is looking forward to building tour dates and forging new industry alliances...

Management/Booking: Orlando Johnson

Phone: (510) 239-7426


Connect with Jayna via FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter @jaynasings2

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