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New Record Pool Add! Kid Crab aka Lamontiz - Spotlight Artist!

Kid Crab aka Lamontiz

For rapper Kid Crab aka Lamontiz, the road to success has definitely been non-traditional. This Milwaukee native, pioneer and legend ascended the ranks from battling bullies in his hood to battling rappers in the neighborhood streets and stages; to fighting crime on judicial stages.

Although he considered it a noble profession, being an officer was stress filled and many times a conflict of interest with his love for hip hop. Being once shot and wounded in the line of duty made matters even more difficult going forward for him despite the honors of becoming a recipient of the Purple Heart Award. Years later when his days of being an officer concluded, he searched for ways to continue making a living while pursuing his dreams in a manner that would be complimentary to both professions.

He immediately began to network and distribute his own brand and music widespread throughout the North American region as opposed to marketing within his hometown city limits. Having worn several hats and experienced life on 2 sides of the fence, his lyrical gift can appropriately best be described as “sharper than a double edged sword”; far reaching with the ability to penetrate diverse audiences and genres. He has clutched the microphone and blessed tracks with his strong delivery of a combination of hard and often soulful rhymes. He demonstrates this on his last two albums: Waitin’ To Excel and Worldwide Hustle.

In 2002, while filtering through tons of demo cd‘s, Kid Crab captured the attention of legendary multi-platinum recording artist, award winning jazz musician and Grammy Nominee Paul Hardcastle, who came across a Kid Crab disc. While listening, Hardcastle instantly recognized Crabs' skills which were superior to the rest and immediately contacted Crab from overseas. After nearly a two hour phone conversation, many musical collaborations between the two would follow and the rest is history.

To date, their history, spans over a decade, and includes feature performances and credits on several BILLBOARD chart topping albums such as “Jazzmasters 4”, “Desire”, and “Hardcastle 4” which hit #1.


Twitter: @KIDCRAB

Lamont Hodnett (CEO)

Artist: ​Kid Crab aka Lamontiz Song Title: I Apologize (feat. Maskerade) Genre: Urban AC, R&B, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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