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One Kahleo

From songwriter to screenplay writer, to video producer and photographer; down to self-trained sound and vocal engineer, recording/ performing artist and growing entrepreneur. Yes indeed, this young man wears many hats. One Kahleo is a diverse Hip Hop artist who has mastered the art of storytelling and incorporates different genres within the vision of music he creates.

Born Daniel Warren; this 25-year old father, husband, businessperson and incredible musician, takes music to a level of truth and honesty that has never been before seen. One Kahleo utilizes some of his deepest experiences in life to express himself through this civilization, better known as the culture; that is Hip Hop. Spending most of his life in Tacoma Washington, One Kahleo strives to make the best of any opportunity that has arisen on his behalf. With a past, that involves gangs, drugs and abuse; this talented MC not only speaks from the perception of himself; but also from others who have influenced the creativity of his vision.

One Kahleo has been known to help push his community for various occasions and strives for great purpose within the local scene. He has volunteered musically for many events and organizations, which consist of, but not limited to, the Up and Over Tour. This tour visits numerous schools and youth teen centers throughout Washington and Oregon to help empower today’s youth through mixed multiple demonstrations, and aids the young in their capabilities to live life, and ensures, they can do anything when it comes down to pursuing their dreams, and reaching the goals about they love. Gone but Not Forgotten, yet another event One Kahleo took part in on behalf of the fallen officers, who were tragically gunned down in a Lakewood Washington shooting. During this event, One Kahleo helped raise over $4,000 for the officers’ families and pursued in lifting spirits up in spite of the tragedy that occurred.


One Kahleo has appeared on B.E.T’s 106 & Park, performed at Seattle Washington’s Hempfest with a crowd that exceeded over 11,000 in numbers; and with great humbleness, One Kahleo also has had the opportunity to work alongside one of Seattle’s number one hit radio stations, formally known as Kube 93. He was asked to perform at the Martin Luther King Jr. “Excellence in Hip Hop” award show. He’s had the opportunity to either work with or meet several Hip Hop artists that supported his ambition to reach more of a prestigious height in the Hip Hop community. Artist such as E-40, Rasheeda, Mistah Fab, KRS One, Wiz Khalifa, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Dizzy Wright to name the least, are among many of the opportunities his young man has engaged in.

Music has always been the inspiration in the life of One Kahleo; it has been the key purpose in how he expresses his emotions through the arts. He has devoted himself to his craft, youth and community and is speaking to them on many different levels within the music he creates; while showing the younger generation that you can come from being or having nothing to being the inspiration that others see and that you may have always wanted to be in life.

One Kahleo says his name means. “I am the ORATOR who is here to NURTURE and EDIFY the minds of our KIDS, ADULTS and all HUMANITY about LOVE with EFFICIENCY to be OUTSPOKEN” – One Kahleo His goal is to show his fans the struggles and hardships he has faced. The past he’s endured; but overcame within his lifetime. It is only one of many pieces to the puzzles One Kahleo has in mind for his future album, creation of his first company RYZE WITH ME ENT; along with future organization Know Your Worth Foundation and overall success within his artistry.

“Conversation ONE or Oh No”, his debut single off his upcoming debut EP entitled “Conversation”, expresses the need to understand black injustice as well as black neglect and self-hatred. One Kahleo also aims to speak from a standpoint of overall neglect of knowledge, all ethnic groups, and backgrounds refuse to acknowledge and take responsibility for. Lastly, He takes a strong notion of the true enemy, demanding that they understand “This is enough” and highlights the deception we all have embraced, due to the “Powers That Be” withholding information from the masses in order to cause division and stir up total damnation.


Management/Booking: Robert Spruill

Phone (708) 774-1128

Artist: ​ONE KAHLEO Song Title: Oh No Genre: Urban, Spoken Word, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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