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Kenyatta Williams a.k.a Franchise was born February 9 in Miami, Fl.

Growing up with dreams like most young men in the world, Kenyatta wanted to play ball, never knowing that his true love would be in entertainment like most entertainers, Franchise spark of interest in music most likely started in church. He remember watching his grandmother and uncle, auntie singing in the church and at home Franchise mother used to play old school music, franchise began to write poem and help him to express his feelings.

Around the age 13, Franchise used to sit back and watch his twin sister and her group write and perform there music, Franchise sit in the back room and freestyle to his sister group music. An anomaly within the generally misogynist late-90’s dirty south rap scene Franchise won substantial acclaim among audiences without sacrificing his pride. As the sole male and an original member of Miami, Florida rap group Blackhart Music Group, he had held he own, it wasn’t until he started on his debut mixtapes though that he really started garnering an unprecedented amount of attention.

At the age 30 Franchise drop out of school to started his career in music, his 2013 mixtape/EP Marred 2 The Game didn’t reached the people on the street of Miami force Franchise to look deep inside of his-self as independent artist. Fast Lyfe EP is Franchise's latest project that brings his peers proof that Miami has lyricists his EP “Fast Lyfe” is set to drop is 2018, he says a day in his life is full of promotion, writing, doing features and just grinding hard. He doesn't see anything holding him back. He knows he just has to keep grinding and pushing himself as an artist. Franchise the studio is where he can have fun.

"My definition of success is to be good at what you are doing and make sure anybody around you makes money and be a mastermind and boss at the end of the day".


Twitter: @5star_franchise

Instagram: @5star_franchise

Artist: ​FRANCHISE Song Title: Go Ham

Label: MixTape Genre: Rap, Dance, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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