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New Record Pool Add! Musica for Africa

Musica for Africa

Monday, 2 April, will be celebrated the third anniversary of the massacre, Put your comment on YouTube, to support the victims Thanks.

Mariano Schiavolini, composer-producer of Sanremo, Italy, is releasing the newest tracks of a project that began nearly three years ago in Johannesburg, SA, under the title “Musica for Africa”.

Recording began in 2015 at the historic Downtown Studios in South Africa (Miriam Makebas, Lucky Dube, U2). His project features elements of gospel, soul, jazz and progressive, and saw him recording with the world-renowned Soweto Gospel Choir and a host of talented musicians from all around the world. All of the music is composed by Mariano himself, and the lyrics are written by his close friend and lyricist, Nikki Turner.

Just a few of the artists you’ll find on these tracks:

The Soweto Gospel Choir, who’ve collaborated with Queen, Bono, the Eurythmics, Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keyes, to name a few,

Mermans Mosengo, “Legend of Reggae”, one of the few artists chosen to collaborate with Bob Marley’s son Stephen, in a commemorative rendition of “redemption song” that echoed around the world,

Thuthukani Cele, South African native and former keyboard player for Lucky Dube.

Nearly all of Mariano’s songs have a humanitarian message.

The song “Where Will it End” is a hymn dedicated to the victims and their families of the Garissa University College attack of April 2, 2015, in which 148 people were killed and 79 were injured.

We believe that we must all feel united with them, and to remember those who were so young and full of aspirations, killed not indiscriminately, but merely for their religion.

We made two version of Where Will it End. The first was sung by two African reggae artists: South African native, Thuthukani Cele, former keyboard player for Lucky Dube, and Congolese artist, Mermans Mosengo, member of the international group Playing for Change. Together they provided lead vocals over English and Zulu harmonies sung by the Witt’s University choir of Johannesburg, which specializes in Ethnic African music.

The newer version of Where Will it End, sung by Soul Sensation, Clayton Bryant and the “Soweto Gospel Choir” is a more general song for peace, respect and equality among all peoples and creeds. A video is set in New York City, at Ground Zero.

These are the ideals that embody Mariano’s work. And they have inspired the people we’ve worked with along the way. Our love for music and the message it sends has brought us to the far corners of the globe and only strengthens our drive to continue composing, recording and releasing original material. To do so fills us with hope and joy, and if we can share just an ounce of that with our listeners then we feel a tremendous sense of achievement. It is our honor and our pleasure to share these songs with the public, and can only hope that they will be shared around the world.

Because You Are There is a powerful spiritual sung of hope for life, and of peace for young people by an ensemble of talented South African singers and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

The featured song is titled “Till the End of Time”. The music was composed entirely by Mariano. The lyrics were written and sung by Soul Sensation, Clayton Bryant, of NYC.

Known as “The voice behind the legends”, Clayton has collaborated with an impressive roster of artists including: Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Sting, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin, John Legend, Queen Latifah, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston.

The music for “Till the End of Time” was recorded at the historic Downtown Studios in Johannesburg, SA, and Engineered by Neil Kuny. Clayton’s vocals were engineered by Richard Mitchell of RM Recordings. The music video was made by Budget Music Videos on location at Engine Room Audio in Manhattan, NY.

The Musica for Africa project is available in online stores.

Email Contacts:

Artist: Musica for Africa Artist: Musica for Africa Song Title: Where Will it End Song Title: Till the End of Time

Artist: Musica for Africa Artist: Musica for Africa

Song Title: Because You Are There Song Title: Where Will it End

The MP3's are now available for download by pool members

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