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D1H POLO (Day 1 Hustler Polo)

D1H POLO (Day 1 Hustler Polo) who’s real name is Paul Georges was born on June 25, 1994, he is the youngest of 13 siblings, whose parents are of Haitian decent. His father passed when he was 2 years old leaving his mother to raise him and his siblings in Fort Lauderdale (Broward County), FL. He attended several high schools but South Plantation high school was the one he attended the longest.

He got his name D1H (Day 1 Hustler) from his nephew when one day D1H Polo came home with a sack of money, His nephew told him that he was a day 1 hustler and that the name fits his lifestyle perfectly. From that day It’s been D1H Polo Ever since. Since the early age of 13 D1H Polo had to find ways to make ends meet at times. His mom did the best she could, but she could only do so much. He saw all the other kids who had everything they wanted and not having the same, sparked something in him and that’s when polo turned into the “Hustler”. He initiated his entrepreneurial skills by cutting grass, but the money was coming in to slow, as a result Polo began doing his thing in the streets. One of his older sisters had a job during that time, so he encouraged her to tell their mother that she was the one that brought all of his clothes, jewelry and cell phones whenever his mother would ask him where did he get all these things.

One day polo went to sleep and had a dream that he had a song he never recorded playing on the radio. The very next day he made his first attempt at song writing. Polo first attempt he found himself trying to write songs that sound like popular songs he heard before on radio, which resulted in several unsuccessful efforts. His brother and sister encouraged polo to do and be better. Everything polo wrote thereafter was original and very much real.

Polo grew up listening to a variety of music include Hip Hop, R&B, POP, Gospel, Kompa (Haitian Music) Reggae. He was influenced by such artists as Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and Young Dolph. Polo noticed that each of these artists came into the game with their own vibe to Hip Hop. There is no mimicking their sound it just doesn’t work. D1H Polo will bring his original vibe and sauce to the music industry. His signature sound will hit you immediately on any track D1H Polo is on.


Artist: ​D1H POLO Song Title: Myself Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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