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Michael Barber

Michael Barber a self described ‘rapducer’ (rapper & producer) steps away from making music in the hip hop genre for his newest protest song, Ladder. The folk song might even resemble more of a rap song upon first listen, but the premise of the song is that of a true folk cut. The opening whistle on the song sets the listener up for a trip into what is one of the best protest songs in a long time. The opening lyrics borrow from the great Woody Guthrie in a revised, modern verse from the original “This Land is Our Land” song.

Ladder is the 3rd song released from Michael Barber’s album, AHAYWEH, which stands for Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here, and was the inscription on the Gates of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. AHAYWEH is only available in full on Barber’s website,, but each song will be released as a single online. It is Barber’s first album of his two album deal with Sycamore Music Group.

Ladder is a protest song, and this puts Barber into an interesting mix of political debate after the release of the first song from the album, Quiet War, back in May. Quiet War, a song about the opioid epidemic, was released after it was revealed President Trump had sent a letter of endorsement to Barber about the song. Now with the song Ladder, Barber is delivering a his own note back to the President.

Ladder is a song I wrote the lyrics to at while at the woman’s march. I just felt there needed to be a better chant, or something about this current administration that could be recited. It grew from there, and the beat behind it wasn’t done until much later. It’s part folk, part hip hop, part rock, and it even has a live marching band element to it, but it is 100% a protest song.”

Barber is donating proceeds from each single to a different charity, and this song will have proceeds go to the Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services, which is one of the only organizations in El Paso serving unaccompanied children. Barber said 80% of the donations will go to this charity, and another 20% will go to attorney Michael Avenatti for his help in working to bring as many families back to together as he can.

The song is available on iTunes and GooglePlay and Amazon to purchase as well as on all streaming services including Spotify.


Email For more information including to set up an interview or book Michael Barber please email Dru Tyler @

Artist: Michael Barber

Song Title: Ladder

Genre: Folk

Producer: Michael Barber

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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