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New Record Pool Add! Featured Artist: Canager & Original Burning

Canager & Original Burning

Canager Aka OUSMANE SISLEY CISSE, is a Author Composer Arranger & Sound Engineer Producer-Performer. Canager started as funk dancer at the age of 10 and then become vocalist with the ONE RACE at 15 and the BRAPHO in Paris with other friends. Each of them would go on to learn the Art of performing and form their band .

He later formed Canager and Original Burning and started rehearsing with the musicians of the band called Collective Security along side Ras Jumbo A.K.A Jean-Baptiste, Anthony Gussie, Clayton Barrett, and Thomas Kirby. As a band leader and promoter he would organised an event and invite and the artists that defined enjoyment of the rhythm of the popular Afro Black music in the fueled with Reggae, Jazz-Rock. Later he created Mad Promotion & Festival Melting-Pot in conjunction with SACEM FRANCE and Theatre Jean Vilar, staging several young artists such as Tonton David, Little MCs, The Lady Night, Brain Damage, One Race, and Xaymaca.

Canager was part of a magical triumphant promotion association that included the Reggae Club International Ras-Media & Sim production that would transform the whole concept of the performers and set an industry standard for the promotional, restoration and research of the black artists, they would help. Founder of MAD Promotion Records. One of the European fastest growing record companies. Mad Promotion Records is a record company label member of PRS-MCPS/PPL /WIPO/British Academy of Songwriter & Composers.



Artist: Canager & Original Burning

Lead Singer: OC Sisley

Song Title: Do You Love Me Like I Do

PRO: (PPL) Phonographic Performance Limited / (PRS) Performing Right Society

Genre: Urban, Dance, House, EDM

Label: Mad Promotion Records

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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