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New Record Pool Add! Featured Artist: SOFIA EVANGELINA


Sofia Evangelina is a budding singer-songwriter, from Canada. With an abundance of confidence, astonishing natural talent and a ‘powerhouse’ voice, Sofia exceeds all expectations of such a young artist.

Sofia’s talent was first discovered when she began singing at the age of 5, with her singing teacher being one of the first to notice her distinctively jazzy voice. Her interest in the performing arts grew further when she watched The Phantom of the Opera and was so mesmerized, that her mother took her to Vegas to see the real thing. After developing her performance skills in music and acting, Sofia recalls watching ‘Burlesque’ (2010), as a turning point in her musical journey. The movie, which sees a small town singer (Played by Christina Aguilera) chase her dreams to Las Vegas, opened Sofia’s eyes (and ears) to a whole new world of music. From here she discovered vocalists like Aretha Franklin, Etta James and of course, Christina Aguilera, the likes of which inspired her to find her voice and sparked her love of Motown, Jazz, Gospel and R&B.

Sofia’s voice is powerful beyond belief. Competing in a school talent show, she was confronted with every performer’s worst nightmare, when the PA system failed. Instead of giving up, Sofia showed her courage and decided to sing a capella. Her voice alone amazed the judges and even drew the school receptionist out of her office next door in disbelief at what she was hearing from one of the pupils. As Sofia says, ‘You can be a small girl, but you can have a big voice.’ In between representing Canada as a world class freestyle skier, Sofia has won many awards, including the ‘Overall Talent Award’ at the 2014 Talent Inc National Conference in Toronto, which grabbed the attention of many music industry leaders, including Sony Music Canada.

In her debut album, Sofia wants to showcase her individuality with both her covers and original music. She is hugely passionate about touching the lives of fellow young people and hopes to inspire others to embrace their individuality and inner beauty, stand up for themselves and chase their dreams. She is one to watch in 2018 and will certainly be taking the music world by storm for years to come.



Song Title: This is Your Song

Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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