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Katherine Annette Murray

Katherine Annette Murray is a Minister of the Gospel in New York City. Murray is also a musician and song writer. A licensed attorney in New York, Murray has seen far too many whose destinies were destroyed by the enemy. Murray says that many find themselves as criminal defendants or in heated “civil” battles not even understanding “how” they got to such a place. They couldn’t see the dangers, they could not ever foresee themselves in such trouble. Because, their enemy was invisible, they did not believe that they had an enemy, but there was an unseen power working to destroy their destiny says Murray.

In 1990, Murray was a recent Syracuse University College of Law graduate and was scouring New York City for a job. During that time, her mother seemingly out of the blue told her that God had a call on her to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well, that statement went right over Murray’s head. And Murray would move on to practice law in New York City. But, in 2003 when a woman, a total stranger approached Murray and told her that she had a word for her, Murray had to listen

The woman caught Murray’s attention this time, when she stated “you do know that you have a call to preach, why are you playing with God?” Murray asked the woman if she knew her and the woman replied “I don’t know you but God does, and it’s time for you to make a move”. She concluded by telling Murray words that no one could have known, she told her that “I am the fourth woman who has told you this, right?” Murray told the woman that she was correct and swiftly moved to answer God’s call.

Murray preaches God’s Gospel uncompromisingly today with a passion to see every man and woman spend eternity with the Lord. “Salvation” she says, “eternal life is the greatest thing that we can attain while here on earth”. Jesus Christ she says, “is the only way!”. The song Heavy Revelationis a desperate call for every man and woman to save their soul from hell by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord.

You can locate Katherine Annette Murray at

Artist: Katherine Annette Murray

Song Title: Heavy Revelation

Genre: Inspirational, Gospel, Easy Listening

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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