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New Record Pool Add - FEATURED ARTIST: GOLDEN BOY (Fospassin)

Golden Boy (Fospassin)

Golden Boy (Fospassin) is the prolific and ultimate songwriter for the 21st century 27 time music awards winner,Golden Boy (Fospassin) incorporates a wide range of influences that makes his songs unique. Surrounded by energy, emotions and people from all over the world, Golden Boy (Fospassin) is bringing to the world something hot for people to forget their worries, while his lyrics stir the deepest universal emotions. Tight rhythms, great chorus and excellent productions brought his music at the top level of arts and entertainment. Fantastic composer and energetic singer-dancer, Golden Boy (Fospassin) has released over 700 songs all available in worldwide digital stores. He writes about Sports,celebrities,love,events and daily life.

Golden Boy (Fospassin) is the songwriter for the 21st century. Genres: Jazz/Hip hop//Electronica/World/Pop/Tango,Reggae,Symphony and Orchestral

Discography: -Rio 2016 Summer Olympics -Released on 06/11/2016 -Jazz and Latin -Album released on 04/12/2016 -Universal Jazz - Album released on 06/24/2015

Honors: May 2016 - Best Latin song - Latin Jam - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) March 2016 - Best Bluegrass song - Mister Right - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) March 2016 - Finalist Best Jazz song - Bebop Jazz - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) January 2016 - Best Reggae/Hip hop - Everybody - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) Starmaker awards -Silver award - Blues Jazz Love - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) 2016 IPMA Nominee - Best instrumental - Blues Jazz love - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) 2015:-The Akademia Music awards winner: December 2015 - Best Bluegrass Song - I am still alive - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) November 2015 - Best Jazz/Rock - Organic Jazz - by Golden Boy November 2015 - Best Funk song - Laid - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) October 2015 - Best Pop/Jazz song - Blues Jazz Love - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) October 2015 - Best Electronica song - Opera Club Dance - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) September 2015 - Best Jazz Song - Golden Jazz Fusion - by Golden Boy (Fospassin) 2007- Music Aid awards - Best Male Solo artist of the year - Patrick Fosso (Cameroon 2008- Honorable mention Indie-music Nominee best music video Hollywood music awards



Phone: (678)934-4787


Song Title: Reggae in My Heart (BMI)

Genre: Reggae

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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