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Z CAR M is the artist name of Berny A. Racz, German Solo artist. Z CAR M has been established back in 1980 which was then a 3-head punk band who had several live gigs in Germany. Berny had 2 years classical piano training back in 1974 and his father was a Hungarian professional musician who played the Viola in Symphony orchestras. Z CAR M is producing their own original style of music. The genre is Pop, Rock, Indie, Easy Listening, Electro, Industrial, Experimental and Instrumentals. Z CAR M had published one song (Charisma Of Love) on a compilation CD via Matchbox Recordings, released by CDBaby and Tower Records in December 2004. CD Title: Playtime. Currently Z CAR M is working together with a Philippine female vocalist who is contributing her vocals to Z CAR M songs and is looking for a genuine record deal.

Artist: Z CAR M

Song Title: Spot At The Sun Ft. Yatz Santos (IMRO) BMI)

Songwriting & Arrangement: Berny A. Racz

Producer: Berny A. Racz

Genre: Pop, Mainstream, Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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