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A self-taught bass player, guitarist, and songwriter, Mimmo Ripa, better known by the creative moniker of AboutMeemo is something of DIY talent. After starting to play guitar at the young age of fourteen, he went on to play with a handful of classic punk and heard rock bands throughout the late 70’s, including Gioventù Bruciata, Blood 77, and V.S.A., along with the triumphant indie rock troupe Nulla Tace. It was his last project however, the raucous and defiant grunge hounds, Bleeding Scar, that fully shaped Ripa’s sound, bringing him to his latest invention, AboutMeemo.

For Ripa, the guitar has become the key to creating a vast array of worlds, a channel through which he can freely express himself. With the guitar mastered, Ripa had time to spend on his vocals, adding lyrics to his music and adding the finishing touches to his own unique sound. For Mimmo, the guitar is a sort of magic instrument thanks to which he's able to create worlds where he can freely express himself through music. Singing came later, as a need to complement the music he made: "I can't sing anything but my own songs. Because they are part of me, I can tell my soul."

From his native Italy to Ireland, Mimmo embarked on a personal journey to freedom. Listening to his music is like walking in his footsteps. Where will it take you?

ABOUTMEEMO new Ep “ love that you hold it’s the pain that you carry” is coming out the 12th of March 2019

I’ll be distributed by Tunecore on main worldwide music platforms and his single “ We all spin around” will be promoted in Italy by “L’altoparlante” promotion agency

bio written by JASON FORBUS


Track: We All Spin Around (BMI)

Genre: Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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