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An all around entertainer, Chenier's goal is to represent the grown n sexy movement in R&B music to the fullest. His music solidifies his title of "The Ambassador of R&B". Inspired by the greats like Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye and Brian McKnight, Mr. Chenier writes all of his music with a mission to spread love through song: "Whether its to make love, populate the world, fall in love or dance in the name of love, at the end of the day it was my music that helped spread love all over the world." I want to be listed with the greats as one of the biggest entertainers ever. i want to share my craft of songwriting with other artists and help those looking to pursue the fraternal organization of music and lastly to continue to spread love"


Since the age of 5, while many kids enjoyed gaming or watching TV, Chenier Wilson found excitement through singing. In Queens, NY where he was raised, the church was his audience and it was the breeding grounds for his captivating voice.

Chenier goes by Mr. Chenier and has used that name ever since a little girl close to him asked him, "are you going to sing tonight Mr. Chenier?", It stuck with him and now women of all ages are enticed by his stage performances, smooth dace moves, his style and a mind blowing voice of good southern sex appeal. His background experience with singing and live performaces goes back to the classic school talent shows, singing in gospel chiors and a scholarship which led him to singing in the St. Augustine's College choir. At that point, he realized, it was time to turn this passion into a career, in fact, it was his destiny. Mr. Chenier is now a key name for opening live shows and has been booked for every type of event from family reunions to weddings.

Mr. Chenier hails from Queens, NY and now calls Raleigh, NC home. He discovered his gift to sing when he was 5 years old while singing in the church. Mr. Chenier continued to use his gift as a young man singing in churches, weddings, and various musical events. This motivated him to pursue music in high school. Mr. Chenier attended The Brooklyn Academy of Music where he studied voice and received a partial scholarship to attend St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, NC. In college he developed his songwriting, honed his velvet vocal styling and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Mr. Chenier also knew he had charisma and a voice to captivate an audience.


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Track: Short Dresses & Stilettos featuring JB (BMI)

Genre/Format: R&B/Soul

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