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A deep and lyrical storyteller, distinctive in his own brand of Pop, RnB, Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Blues, Jesse Maxwell, a native of Toronto Canada, has morphed into a prolific singer/songwriter of his own making in the hipster ecosystem known as Brooklyn, NY.

At age 6 the young Maxwell started playing piano, remembering “thats all I ever wanted to do“, and went on to complete 10 years of classical training and music theory at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. Everything about Jesse’s immeasurable talent as a writer, lyricist, creator of unshakable hooks that linger long after listening, is almost undefinable. Fellow Queens County band member, guitarist Marlon Hurt describes Maxwell’s lush one-of-a-kind vocal background arrangements and harmonies as perhaps the quality that he will be best known for.

In Jesse’s own words:

“I use my music as a sonic train of thought per se; of all my memories, opinions, thoughts, views of the world, abstract feelings, etc. The way I see it, the listener plugs in their headphones and gets to connect with my mind every time they play my songs, and through that medium, get to connect with a part of themselves.”

“Music has been my outlet, whether it’s listening, or creating. Many times I’ve heard a song, or even a lyric that connects with me and I gain new understanding in a way I didn’t think I would, and I want to be able to do that for people.”

Jesse’s debut single “Blade” is his first single release and collaboration with producer Astral22. Since “Blade”, Jesse has gone on to bring Astral22 & TopNachBeats on board to produce his full-length solo album titled “radiosilence”, set for release in late 2019.

Producer Astral22 on JM:

“Jesse is the most eager and prolific writer I have ever collaborated with. He can materialize an entire albums worth of material effortlessly in a matter of months, with every element on point, emotional, tactile, rich and thought provoking. The pastiche of artist influences I hear in Jesse’s music spans decades, at one turn Frank Ocean, John Legend, Mac Miller, and at another, Sinatra, Robert Plant, and Amy Winehouse. Despite the familiarity of those inclinations, Jesse Maxwell has a definite and distinct sound, and once you know it, you’ll always know who you’re vibing to.”

For those in and about NYC, you can currently catch Jesse’s live performances as lead singer with the band “Queens County Roots“. For a glimpse into the more personal “singer songwriter” solo artist that is Jesse Maxwell, dates and venues will be announced shortly after the release of his debut album “radiosilence”. Stay tuned.



Track: Life on the Rocks

Producer: Astral22

Publisher: Astral22 Music (ASCAP) & Jesse Perez (SOCAN)

EAN UPC: 194171299964

ISRC: USVBP1500050

Label: Trans Phatt Records

Genre/Format: R&B, Neo-Soul

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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