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I am independent freelance artist/producer and Undergraduate..Registered songwriter with BMI. Born and raised is Chaleston SC. I am 27. I was born July 28 1991. My Name Is Jesse (Flo$$) Reynoldz, and I recently released my debut album in May 2018.

The album is entitled "FLOSS' GOLD-PLATED. Go stream or purchase it today. The album is called Gold-Plated Due to the fact that there is a lot of "Fake Rap" in today's music platforms.. The Title "GOLD-PLATED" is a metaphor. you see I am not a rapper I am only an individual with a ear for good music..My album will help you understand.. Its all about the fans and what they believe.. thats #1.

I choose to let my fans pick which tracks best represent me and my talents..I wrote and designed this album by myself with all leased instrumentals from other independent producers like myself. That's the move.! I will also answer any question through my gmail ( OR get to know me through my music. Become a supporter of independent hip hop and stay tuned for new music. Thank you for all of your support. This website for official booking and merchandise all rights are exclusively reserved."Floss Goldplated Album" is for entertainment purposes only and is copyright protected.

I have recently established myself an artist web page for all my fans and supporters to check into. you can search on and find out my styles and my recent playlists as well as what type of music I'm into. I produce instrumentals and beats from time to time I just think my music is so different to and I've got so much I want to do as an artist I just need time and space.

Marketing my music is one of my main dilemmas from going through college and working, to promoting my newest music and videos. I appreciate all my fans and supporters in the world so I make the music the best I can for you. Though I may not write much biographical info about myself I only let you interpret the music as you hear it. You have the right to your own opinions. Everybody has talents I was just given this one. I wont let you down.


Track: I Got Me (BMI)

Genre/Format: R&B, Neo-Soul

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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