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Te'a Milan

Whether it was Whitney Houston flowing from her boombox or Mary J. Blige on the radio, Te'a Milan always found herself singing along as a girl growing up in a small town outside of Atlanta. It was those early days enamored with R&B’s brightest that hooked her and wouldn’t let her go, no matter how hard life tried. Today the emerging singer is on the heels of her debut single release with the follow up out now, and another on the way before Summer 2019 is over. This is Te'a Milan.

During college Te'a Milan thought she knew what her life was going to be life. She’d move to Hollywood and pursue her music-based dreams. Only life took a turn, not necessarily for the worse though. After she walked the stage at her college graduation, Te'a Milan walked into a successful and rewarding career helping at-risk youth. While music was put on the back burner for a minute, she believes everything happens according to a divine plan and perhaps she was supposed to wait until she had a lot of joy, pain, and wisdom to share.

Some years later, a family friend asked Te'a Milan to sing the hook on his song. Instantly the fire was reignited. It was then and there she decided to pursue her music as vigorously as she did her other career. Before she’d treated music as a hobby, but with the fire burning inside her once more - it was on. The hobby had to transition into a career and there was nothing that was going to stop her this time around. Which she is doing as she is currently recording all original music for her debut EP. An EP that many have gotten a taste of with the release of two singles so far; “Finally Figured It Out” and “Nothing From You” featuring Carolina native, hip hop’s Mulah DaVinci.

“Finally Figured It Out” dropped in October 2018. With music being her hobby for so long, this was the first time Te'a Milan allowed herself to be vulnerable and in the limelight in her truest form as the song laments on people finally realizing their calling and purpose. With the follow-up single, “Nothing From You,” she decided to go for what she calls a “club banger.” Her latest single featuring Mulah DaVinci is more on the edgy side and showcases Te'a Milan’s history with hip-hop and rap. As Summer 2019 rolls along, fans will also hear “Little Things,” a love and thank you note to her partner for all he’s done.

Since diving into her lifelong dream, Te'a Milan has been featured on Artistrack and performed at the Soul Sessions Albany Live. A fan of artists who are as fearless as they are willing to evolve with time, she plans on following suit and doing just the same with each passing year of her own career that’s just getting started. In the coming months, she’ll continue to work on getting her debut EP out, touring, and even acting.

A girl from a small town who grew up enamored with the likes of the late, great Whitney Houston, Te'a Milan wanted to pursue music. After college, her life took a rewarding turn towards helping at-risk youth, but eventually, music caught up with her once again. Today she’s hot off the release of her second single, “Nothing From You” and preparing not only for her third single to be released in late Summer 2019, but her debut EP coming soon.

Artist: Te'a Milan Ft. Mulah DaVinci

Track: Nothing From You

Genre/Format: R&B, Urban, Hip Hop, Rap

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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