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She was christened Sibusiso Msesiwe and now has donned the moniker CeeBoo, a versatile cross over artist whose lilting and honey raw voices wafts swiftly between Afro-soul and R&B. Born and raised in the coastal town of East London, she started singing at the tender age of six, as part of her church choir and went on to learn to play the piano on her own. “I am a self-taught musician. I enjoyed learning a skill without conscious awareness of the underlying processes of what is being learnt. In the process of curiosity you make mistakes, learn and grow because you have no scope or boundary to limit you. It is for this reason that I do not like being boxed as a musician”

CeeBoo’s musical journey from church in later years migrated to poetry where she raided open mic sessions. Later, she would turn the poems into songs about her lived experience and things that she imagined. “The poetry sessions gave me the platform and confidence to be able to bare my soul in front of a live audience to examine what I had to offer artistically. When I turned to music my soul just soared, backed by the confidence that I was in full control expressing my art”

CeeBoo credits her family and children as her greatest inspiration. She remarked “I am moved by helping others especially the vulnerable youth. I am preoccupied with ensuring that young people find their purpose in life and blossom in the strengths” "I enjoy singing “about life, love, positivity, growth, faith and humility. I write and sing about relatable stuff. One has to be able to related to whatever song and genre they listen to. It is for this reason that I migrate from time to time from RnB, Soul, Deep House and Hip Hop. I do not make music for a particular target market or audience, but express myself for all to enjoy” Cee Boo recently released her debut album entitled Breaking Dawn which is available now on all leading music platforms. Standout tracks from the new album include "On My Way", "As the Seasons Change" and "Azange Ndambona". Her single tracks "Azange Ndambona" and "When I Close My Eyes" have been exploding worldwide especially with top club and radio DJ's and on popular music stations across the UK.

In fact, the single "When I Close my Eyes" is currently the #1 top listener requested song on our local affiliate member station:

WHTL 95.2 FM Cleveland

Here's an advance tip: Be on the lookout for a "Hot Tracks" Spotlight Featured Artist spread on this exciting new recording artist Cee Boo in the upcoming issue of the industry radio and music trade magazine Airplay. Looks like a bright new international musical star is on the immediate horizon! #Salute!

Artist: Cee Boo

Track: When I Close My Eyes

Genre/Format: R&B, Pop, Urban, Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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