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Songs by Ruth is a musical project written by poet and lyrics writer Ruth Andrews Garnes as she takes on life’s challenges. Her poems and songs are inspired by her own life incidents and adverse situations and they enabled her to came out stronger. Her new musical project provides an inspiration to those going through difficulties or set back in life and inspires you to keep going no matter what. Ruth’s life story is played out in various songs starting with Caramel Girl, a song she wrote when she was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus. Through the song she relays the effects the illness has on her and how she prefers to be remembered.

One of Ruth’s personal favorites is the song ‘The Brave’ written during the time she was preparing for hurricane Harvey and diagnosed with Brain tumors. One of her tumors had to be removed shortly after diagnosis or it would have led to blindness. The second one was treated with gamma radiation, but a month after, she had a major setback. She started having numbness and tingling throughout her entire head. She was referred to a different neurologist but he refused to treat her in support of the neurologist that she had initially seen. After that incident, she wrote the song ‘The Brave’.

Her song ‘To Put Me Back Together’ speaks to her relationship issues and her need to put herself back together given the brokenness she felt from her struggles. In her latest release ‘Guiding Light’, she finds herself being thoughtful once again after learning about the passing of her favorite high school teacher. “Most of my writings are embroiled by social events that move me, and that might be love, sickness or loss.”

The Songs by Ruth track "To Know The Spirit Of Christmas" is a fun heart warming holiday song. The Holidays season is a festive time and this song takes us back to that time when we celebrated the holidays by singing and doing good deeds.


Track: To Know The Spirit Of Christmas (ASCAP)

Genre/Format: Pop/Reggae/Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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