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Talented vocalist Robert IMtume Owens does it again with his new single release, "Elementary." This is a track that is full of life. It is joyful, upbeat, and melodious, with whimsical lyrical lines that flow for steppers, line dancers, and even just sitting in a chair swaying to the music; it musically flows timelessly from the old to the modern.

Robert IMtume Owens’ knack for R&B’s seamless blends can be attributed to the respect he has maintained for his natural gifts. Accompanying his smooth approach to melodies, you will hear his original, stylistic groove that will keep you in a cool vibration.

Robert IMtume Owens vocals tell a story of passion. Robert’s new single, “Elementary,” finds him returning to the smooth kind of groove that initially established his fan base. It is distinctly sophisticated in production values and vocal arrangements. This brand-new masterpiece is vivacious, charismatic, soulful, silky, and seductive. His vocal portrayal of the story itself musically depicts Einstein's most famous physics equation, E=mc squared. In essence, Einstein proposed a connection between matter and energy. His insight that matter may transform into energy and energy into matter was what made him so brilliant.

Influenced by Robert’s R&B, Jazz and Classical Trained vocals. The arrangement soothes with a danceable yet mellow beat over which Robert renders with sensitivity and passion a plea that his love is simply Elementary. The track is also universal, much like Einstein's thesis that there is no limit to the world. Its percussionist nature lends a cross-ending association to the rhythm that stems from nation to nation.

Robert brilliantly brings us to comprehend that love is perhaps the most essential matter in existence. Culminated with his passionate musical palette, which amounts to an energetic blast transforming love into energy and energy into love. His creative musical interpretation of Elementary demonstrates how Einstein's theory of relativity works; however, Robert has musically rewritten the mathematical equation.

E=im squared, and it's simply Elementary.

Robert IMtume Owens’ "Elementary" is gaining traction nationwide, now going for adds and is currently in rotation and a hot listener requested track on Radio Airplay Network Affiliate member station WHTL URBAN RADIO out of Cleveland, Ohio.


Track: Elementary


Producers: Andy Welland for Sounds of Superbad / Rufus Ford / IMtume Rising / Papa Michel Trammell For Iconic Worldwide Int.

Label: RCR / On Top Records / IN Groove/ Universal

Publisher: Dr. Cure All Three Music Publishing

Writers: Robert Imtume Owens, Rufus Ford, Andrea Batten


The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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