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Shaila Prospere is a UK Soul/R&B singer & songwriter from London. Her inspiration initially came from growing up immersed in her mothers love for Country music & her fathers love for Reggae both were regularly played at home. Shaila then discovered the songs and music stemming from the Motown era, followed by lovers rock and soul music, drawing influences from stellar artists such as Dionne Warwick, Patti Labelle Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack and Anita Baker. Later on whilst trying to harness her own vocal ability, more contemporary superstars and legendary vocalists, the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross grabbed her attention.

What distinguishes Shaila from many of her peers is her song writing ability. She is prolific with her craft, hence why her debut album “In My Shoes” was received with such critical acclaim, a collection of songs, littered with haunting melodies and cleverly woven lyrics about love and life. When 'In My Shoes' was released in 2000, she performed 3 nights at the London Jazz Café, Camden, to a capacity audience showcasing the album which was released in the UK and Japan. The album quickly established itself as a classic, a combination of great songs and solid production by The Full Crew production team, and all these years later, tracks still get played on soul radio stations around the world, testament to what a good debut album that was.

Shaila embarked on trying to establish herself as a songwriter and spent the next few years being drafted in by various, different production teams to write songs for other artist projects. After a long break from recording material for herself, she was badgered by one of the producers on her album Les Jones to write songs for herself. Once they started writing together and the buzz of being back in the studio got to her, things just snowballed from there. Shaila then hooked up with long time friend, Everis Pellius who had produced a cut on her debut album and, Everis convinced her to write enough material for an album, hence the “Back To Life” project was born. Almost a year later the album was ready for release. As the project evolved, Phil Nugent who signed her first time around, got on board and the resulting first single “Let Me Be Yours” was released on his Rhythm imprint.

Shaila garnered lots of support on the airwaves and was played heavily across the soul music stations. The lead single, penned by Shaila, 'Let Me Be Yours', was followed up by ‘Family’ and the third single was a cover of the Sister Sledge classic ‘Thinking of You’. Her highly anticipated album “Back to Life” was released on the 30th June 2017 and peaked at No 1 in The UK Soul Chart, Mi-Soul Connoisseurs and Sweet Rhythms Chart and spent several weeks at the summit of all of them. The album, once again, is destined to be a future classic, some truly amazing songs, compositions that will stay with you now, and for years to come.

Shaila’s creative abilities are not just restricted to writing songs, vocals and performance, she is also an enthusiastic painter working with acrylics and oils, and has created some outstanding works of contemporary art. She is planning to exhibit some of her art in the near future, and also to devote a section on her website to some of the completed pieces. Production chores and writing collaborations on the album were courtesy of Everis Pellius and Phil “Phillo” Nugent (Soul Syndicate/Full Crew). Other production input came from another Full Crew veteran, Michael Daley, and a contribution from her old writing partner Les Jones. Since the release of the album, Shaila has performed alongside legends such as Melba Moore, Joyce Simms, Omar and Janet Kay and is planning to take a band out on the road in the near future with a new live show concept.

The album has also gone on to achieve the status of No1 album of the year in the UK Soul Chart, The Mi-Soul Connoisseur Chart and various tracks have featured heavily in end of the year DJ charts and blogs for 2017. Shaila has been invited to perform on various projects from others artists and is featured on a project with the song ‘Rise’ she wrote due for release August 2018. She has another song ‘Steal A Kiss’ which will be released on the MS1 Project ‘Changes’ Album later in 2018.

Shaila is currently working on follow-up music of her own and hopes to release her collection of new songs in 2019. In the mean time catch her live performances, which are delivered with the energy & warmth of her songs.

Shaila's music is currently on heavy rotation at Radio Airplay Network member station WHTL 95.2 FM Tha Land in Cleveland, Ohio USA. This is an artist to watch!

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