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Fundile Guqa (born on 17 September 1991) stage name Furah Dread. Furah is taken from his name Fundile and Dread as a Rasta with dread. Furah Dread is a South African singer, he is not under the company. He is an independent artist. He is Guitar player, Composer, Lead Singer & Songwriter with his nice voice.

Furah Dread has no album recorded but has many songs he believes that after his single he will record full album or an EP…… The song Smoking has been played on the South African radio stations. He also performed live in Bizana on 26 August 2017 at Tru FM Show the performance of the song smoking is also available at you tube. While Furah was promoting his song & the song played on the radios, invited by the radio DJs to do interviews, he was also invited by journalists to talk about his release of the song.

He appeared on the newspapers one of them was Express Newspaper, Pondo Newspaper & others. The song Smoking talk about how dangerous to smoke cigarette compared to Marijuana. The song is available on Google stores. The song also get more airplay on other African countries radios, European Radios, North American radios, South American radios & Australians radios. He also appeared on Street Money Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia & in London, England at Soul Central Magazine.

On 24 April 2019 he released his second single called I Was a Prisoner. The song talks about an innocent man who is accused by his girlfriend saying he is a trash telling the policeman behind his back to come and arrest him while they were chilling on the dining room with his lovely girlfriend. Furah Dread released his new single called People Must Stop on 14 January 2020, where the song talks about the abuse that is happening in the world, the song talks to all kind of abuse that is done by the people to the people. Furah say people must now stop abusing other people, the world must be free now, it’s enough for the abuse now.

On 4 June 2020 Furah Dread released a new song called Heart Is Smart, the song talk about true love that is hard to find & false love that is hard to feel it while a person is in love with someone. The song also referred to a truth that is always hard to hear, most of the time believe in lie instead of truth.


I believe in myself more & more, I thanks to all of my fans & radios all over the world to support my single. I want to travel the world on the next coming years to teach the people about righteousness to make people unite all over the world.

Music industry is the toughest industry but if you working hard you got success but if you are lazy you won’t go anywhere with your music. I grow up on the place/Town where there are no radio stations but I decided to work hard to build my name & enter in the music industry. Life is not easy as an artist especially if you grow up in a place where music is not taken seriously even by our families. My song Smoking has changed my life. Peace & love must rule the world. I promise the world the best as I’m the best. - FURAH Love

You can hear the new single Heart is Smart by Furah Dread on the Radio Airplay Network Affiliated Station WHTL 95.2 FM Tha Land in Cleveland Ohio, where it has been added to the playlist.

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