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Artist Jae’ Morrissa Shines Like The True Gem She Is – Brand New Single “Nobody Like Me” Out Now!

To everyone paying attention within the industry, and her legions of supportive fans found all over the globe, the uniqueness & sensational talent of artist Jae’ Morrissa has been radiantly apparent from day one – but just in case there was any doubters left out there, she’s reminding the world that her X- factor is unlike any other with the official release of her stunningly soulful new single “Nobody Like Me.”

In a class of her own, the singer/songwriter has been riding high on the recent successes in her career, culminating in official Grammy nominations over the past two years back-to-back recognizing her talent.

From her smash hit debut single “Just My Next Song,” to building incredible momentum with follow-up releases like “Butterfly” and “AWOL” – Jae’ proves time & again that she’s on that next-level, and she’s about to do it all over again as she climbs straight up to the top of the charts with her latest cut in 2021.

Catchy, bright, bold, and beautiful – Morrissa reveals her spectacular gift for creating melodies designed to connect & her immaculate ability to bring every word vibrantly to life through her technique & tone. From her empowered & confident lyricism, to the stellar dose of pure sweetness in her charming vocals – “Nobody Like Me” is complete confirmation that Jae’ knows how to get the most from her potential & performance in unique ways other artists simply can’t. Shining in the swirl of stylistically hybrid sound in a sparkling combination of R&B/Pop/Soul guaranteed to catch the attention of listeners all around the world, Jae’ delivers 100% professional quality from the lefts to the rights in the hooks she’s singing, and creates undeniable entertainment with the sincerity & strength required to truly move hearts & minds.

An established name in the music business that continues to excel in every aspect of her career, join Jae’ this year as she continues to surge with momentum and dominate the internet once again with her new single “Nobody Like Me.” Out & available now online on every major music platform, with a brand-new video supporting “Nobody Like Me” set to drop just around the corner in 2021 – Jae’ Morrissa can’t help but stand out from all of the rest of today’s artists; it’s in her nature, and she’s destined for number one.

Artist: Jae' Morrissa

Track: Nobody Like Me (Ascap)

Genre/Format: Pop / R&B / Soul / Rhythmic

Video Available March 5th!

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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