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Igor is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is known for his singles "Ghost In Your Wallet" and "Wifi Love", currently traveling worldwide to perfom his sold-out tour Star Dust World Tour.Outside of his solo music, he loves designing his art for the album covers and his tour merch. The international hip-hop scene is booming. While some rappers and beat producers live the dream of a fame, others are unfortunately somewhat rooted in the underground. However, the latter does not apply to the American rapper, songwriter and beat producer Igor. Known for his singles Ghost In Your Wallet or Wi-Fi Love , the rapper, who is moving away from the image of the classic gangster rap , is just doing his Star Dust World Tour and is dropping with "Keep It Green" via the RoyalGooseRecords label. With a playing time of almost three minutes, the lyrically optimistic track is quite short and said in advance that it has the potential to make people forget their worries for a short while. Sometimes the lyrics have the potential to create an optimistic mood, which is really useful in the current times. Loving electronic synthesizer arrangements form the melodic basis for the beat, which consists of fat basses and neat punching snares or claps with regard to the drums. Light percusive and funky synth leads, which are used sporadically, form the musical basis, in which Igor's double voice is emphasized.

The funky sound of Keep It Green is anything but pushy, but comes lovingly out of the boxes and brings Igor's excellent vocals to perfection. With a chilled nonchalance and a really tight flow, the American rapper and singer tackles the matter and confidently delivers the text. In principle, elements or nuances of R'n'B are clearly recognizable in his hip hop sound. Igor brings his message across perfectly with a catchy beat, ie a catchy instrumental, whose sound design and composition catches the eye directly and so we have another insider tip of American hip hop that is worth discovering.

Artist: IGOR

Track: Keep It Green

Genre/Format: Hip Hop/Rap

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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