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Meet Atlanta based TJ Sauce Kid. He is a 10 year old rapper/songwriter and author who is truly a jack of all trades, yet he has mastered many. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, TJ is being raised by his single parent dad, T'Juan, who has passed on to his son great character and leadership, together with the help and support of grandparents.

TJ enjoys playing and watching sports and was awarded the MVP of his baseball team and football team, as quarterback. TJ is an author and main character of a book he and his grandmother, Dr. Tywanna Estell, wrote together, titled "My GG and Me," which is available online. TJ also holds the title as the youngest BMX rider to win 2nd place in his first race at his local track. TJ has won numerous top scholar awards by both his school and sports programs, for his nearly perfect record in academia. Recently, TJ Sauce Kid won a national jingle contest for Rap Snacks brand potato chips and is now part of the company’s history, by recording their first official jingle.

As a young leader who loves God, family, friends and even enemies, TJ says his heart is set on simply making the world a better place. His latest single It’s My Birthday Feat. Amaiya is gaining a lot of momentum across the nation. TJ recently toured and collaborated with Silento, the Taylor Girlz, Zayhillfiger, and others. As the baby of the No Compromise Records' eXgang, TJs' mission is to simply influence his generation to LIVE GOOD so that they can DIE RIGHT by leading and living by example. Get familiar with the "Sauce Kid"--with this kid you never know what you're going to get next.


Track: It's My Birthday Feat. Amaiya

Genre/Format: Rap / Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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