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Supa Bossanova

Supa Bossanova is a rap artist hailing from Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

In his music, Supa Bossanova explores a diverse variety of genres, including hip-hop and R&B, to mention but two. The artist also brings a unique and distinctive melodic energy that makes his music stand out in the industry. It’s impossible to pigeon hole Supa Bossanova. His style and artistic vision have a broad scope. On top of this, he is inspired and influenced by several different artists. These eclectic influences include the legendary James Brown and also Marvin Gaye, among many others.

Even though Supa Bossanova recalls the likes of these iconic artists he brings a fresh twist to the upbeat R&B scene! Even though it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly Supa Bossanova’s style, it can simply be described as “good vibes”. If this wasn’t enough, Supa Bossanova’s live shows are high-powered, engaging, and thrilling! It’s incredible to listen to his atmospheric vocals, hypnotic beat, and melodic approach. Yet, it’s even better catching him perform live!

Supa Bossanova first honed and developed his idiosyncratic vocal style when he was young. This is where he also started to experiment with different rap flows and was inspired by old-school hip-hop groups like A Tribe Called Quest. Initially, Supa Bossanova was inspired to start creating music because of his father’s love for R&B. There were always R&B records playing in the house. This is why this kind of music is in his soul and veins!

The artist’s very first track, “Say I”, was released in 2019. It is the first single off his upcoming debut EP “October’s Baby”. This record is due to drop this year! This album is an amalgamation of the challenges and phases of the previous years. Through his natural gift with storytelling, Supa Bossanova has created a visceral and immersive EP that will capture the listener’s imagination with the first note.

One of Supa Bossanova’s major influences in his career was the rap artist Akinyele. So when Akinyele and Waleed started searching for an amazing artist for their new label (Put It In Your Mouth Records), it seemed like it was Supa Bossanova’s destiny! Akinyele started talent scouting in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and that’s where the stories of these two seminal artists intertwine.

Now, after years of preparation and hard work, Supa Bossanova is ready to take the music scene by storm! He spent a year working on his debut album and being developed by Akinyele. The artist’s upcoming debut will truly empower people on an international level. With his emotional lyrical compositions, memorable instrumentals, and fascinating rap flows, Supa Bossanova is becoming a household name overnight. His music is all about human connection and positive energy and his brand new music will turn the music scene on its head and start a movement that will start to change the world.

One of the reasons why Supa Bossanova’s music is so powerful is because of his deep connection with nature. The artist is passionate about love, life, and also mother-earth. Supa Bossanova even takes time out of every single day to go and hug a tree. That’s how committed and grounded the artist is. Even though he is reaching for the stars he has two feet firmly planted on the ground!



Track: Say I (Clean)

Track: Say I (Explicit)

Genre/Format: Urban AC / Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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