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The Obsidian Blue is Tobbe Loev from Gotheburg Sweden and Ramin Rezainejad in Los Angeles USA, from now on also Emmlin from Gothenburg, Sweden. All instruments except the drums was played by Tobbe. The vocals this time on this release are by Emmlin and the choruses by Tobbe and Emmlin together.

The Obsidian Blue was formed in Gothenburg in 2005, but had a different name then. The Two founders realised that they really liked to make music together and some of their early productions are still waiting to be released. The band at the moment have three members and one of the founders, the drummer Ramin Rezainejad, lives in Los Angeles where he moved in 2009.

The other two members are Torbjörn (nickname Tobbe) Lööv who also is one of the founders and he currently still lives in Gothenburg, he plays all the other instruments, sings and makes most of the arrangements and production. He also does the mixing and mastering. Emmlin is the female vocalist and she just returned to us, also living in Gothenburg. Her real name she doesn't want to be exposed due to problems with Stalkers.

All these members have been involved in music in different ways. Ramin played the drums in a number of bands, for the longest period with a Pink Floyd Tribute band called The Gunners Dream. Tobbe has been playing in a lot of cover bands. also in bands that've been playing their own material. He’s been making some money selling music to others and he's got his own music played on the radio before on Swedish and other small european stations. Emmlin has been a professionell show dancer for a number of years and also been in chorus lines.

Heaven Comes Down is a song about a failed relationship where you at first take the blame, but after a while you realize that you felt caged in and that you now have become free despite what your ex partner says.

The song is available for global radio station adds after November 5th 2020.

Artist: The Obsidian Blue 

Track: Heaven Comes Down

Genre/Format: Adult Contemporary / Jazz / Pop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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