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Kareem Bin-Salamon - better known as Une3kK - was born and raised in Southside Virginia. His love of music was kick-started as a young child with regular exposure to a variety of different genres of music by his grandmother and other members of his family. He met his affinity for Hip-Hop, specifically, when he moved to Hampton, Virginia at the young age of 13.

There, he began actively pursuing an interest in writing his own lyrics, as well as teaching himself how to formulate, mix, record, and polish music of his own creation. After spending a year honing his craft, Une3kK moved once more- this time to Charlotte, North Carolina. He was featured in his first performance at a local event called the “Wine Out,” and afterwards his destiny to become a professional musician was set in stone.

These days, Une3kK is 26 years old and living in Chesapeake, Virginia. His talents have evolved and matured immensely throughout his journey, and he is finally beginning to make his mark on the Hip-Hop world. Keeping his music true to himself and to his history is important to Une3kK. He carefully crafts his tracks by drawing inspiration from the real-life circumstances, emotions, and experiences that have made him who he is.

As both an artist and an individual, Une3kK has never shied away from making bold choices. He wants to change the world for the better with his words, and to help individuals who might relate to his music covers overcome their own personal struggles. Une3kK has decided that nothing can stop him from completing this mission, and it would seem his declaration is not without merit, as he is now laying down a strong platform for Mythix Music Group, LLC, his first company that will help other artists to grow in a social world.


Instagram: @Une3kK & @therealklyche_@bezzy2real and @nick_iamhuman

Artist: Une3kK

Track: Damaged

Genre/Format: Hip Hop / Rap / Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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