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New Record Pool Add!


Born in Memphis, TN. Hollywood Stevie Tee started singing in a church choir at the age of seven. He played drums, piano, and saxophone as a teenager.

Hollywood Stevie Tee's official name is Steve Tuggle. Steve went to Motown Records in the late 90's. He also won at a Apollo Theater talent show in early 2000. Afterwards, he signed to RFC Records.

Hollywood Stevie Tee is one of the most prolific writers and smoothes singer in the music industry today. He is also a budding Producer.

'Someone2Luv' has been added to the heavy rotation cue at Radio Aiplay Network affiliate station WHTL Urban Radio in Cleveland Ohio.

Artist: Hollywood Stevie Tee

Track: Someone2Luv

Genre/Format: Pop / House / R&B / Soul / Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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