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Sarah Isen

Sarah Isen was born to sing. The daughter of LGBT mothers, she was conceived through an anoymous donor in Berkeley, CA and grew up in the same household with her uncle Richard Isen, a professional musician and award winning songwriter for musical theater. Richard recognized her talent at an early age and had her performing at age 8 as he accompanied her on the piano. She studied music as a youngster and eventually was accepted in the Oakland School of the Art as a singing major where she was a member of the award winning a capella group 'Vocal Rush.' At age 14 she had her first gig at a local senior center where she performed her favorite songs along with some jazz standards taught to her by her uncle Richard. In her teenage years, her donor father agreed to let himself be known and it turned out that he too sang and had been a member of a professional group years before. Because of websites like '23 and Me', Sarah has discovered 32 half siblings, many of whom also sing. They meet on yearly retreats and many of them came to Los Angeles to cheer Sarah on as she competed on 'American Idol 2020' and again when she competed on Fox's 'Alter Ego' as St. Luna.

"Isen’s voice is a wonderful instrument that is fully as melancholy as the sound of an English horn”The Southern Voice.

As a young girl Sarah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and later became involved with the Diabetes Awareness movement. She's worked with parents of diabetic children helping them understand what their child is experiencing. In order to be helpful in emergencies, Sarah got her certification as an EMT and studied Biology and Society as her major at UCLA. Family is very important to Sarah and she feels very lucky to have such an extraordinarily large and loving family. She is thrilled to have worked on her uncle Richard's 5 song EP 'Into The Blue' and has plans for future releases of her own as she continues to pursue her life as a singer.

Richard Isen

Once a jazz cocktail lounge piano man, television composer, musical theater experimenter, as well as a software engineer & web pioneer, Richard Isen and his piano threads a dreamy, after-hours melancholy with a wise, compassionate, and oftentimes humorous outlook on life and music. Counting influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Bill Evans to Shirley Horn to Tom Waits to Tori Amos, Richard Isen has released several recordings including “Let It Fall,” “9 Songs,” as well several original cast recordings of his musical theater works. He holds an MFA in Musical Theater Writing from NYU, an Emmy Award nomination and has received many theater awards and grants through the year including Performing Songwriter magazine naming him Top 12 DIY for his first release 'LET IT FALL.'

Now retired from his information technology career, Richard spends his days writing, recording, releasing music to the public and occasionally performing. He’s amazed at how the music business has changed and loves that he can record and release his music and find an audience big enough to support his continuing career.

“One of the few men who courts the Joni Mitchell comparison in his ivory-tickling style, his deep blue voice” Performing Songwriter Top 12 DIY.


Track: Into The Blue (ASCAP)

Genre/Format: Adult Contemporary / Adult Alternative / Folk Rock

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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