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Greetings. My name is Roy Gray. I am an independent songwriter/musician/producer from the Memphis area.

I have been on or around the Memphis music scene for several decades. I also have written music with and for several local artists from the Memphis area. They include the late P. Leon Thomas of Ebonee Webb, Vaneese Thomas (no relationship) who is also the daughter of Rufus and sister of Carla Thomas.

The project which I am submitting today was written by me and co-produced by talented keyboardist Paul Brown of the Water Boys.

As Covid 19 was taking its toll on the world, the past three years, I looked within and realized that I still had some good music to offer the world. I worked, for nearly a year working on the current album entitled, “The Eclectic Soul of Roy Gray, Volume 2: Leave Nothing to Chance”, which was released six weeks ago.

The 9-track album and music are being well received across the globe. The music is a mix of numerous genres from Latin Soul to Dance. The featured track which I am submitting, on today, is called “Sexy Legs Remixed” (BMI), and it is a dance track.

I currently have another album that I am working on that should also go over big. The current album is mainly instrumental, but the follow-up album will be mostly vocal. I hope to release my next album early next year.

In the meantime, I am promoting my music, at every opportunity, to a worldwide audience, and I am hoping to bring some happy moments to millions of people.

Best wishes to you and your listening audience







Artist: ROY GRAY

Track: Sexy Legs Remixed (BMI)

Genre/Format: Dance / EDM

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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