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Mr. Sapp Reefa, born in Manila, Philippines in 1983 as Adrian Jamaal Sapp, was raised in Augusta, GA. It was the slum and corrupt projects of Sunset Homes (now known as Cherry Tree Crossing) that dealt him the rough and rugged life he now writes so much about. While being the second oldest son to a single parent mother, Sapp Reefa recalls often watching and hearing of open drug deals, RCSD patrols and raids, and murders happening in the back streets of the projects. Sapp Reefa found himself protecting his home, while at the same breathe… contributing to the corrupt society in which he lived in.

After multiple run-ins with the law for selling, possession, grand-theft, and other unmentionable crimes, Sapp identified an outlet of his emotions from a not so welcoming life as a youngster – the art of Hip-Hop.

Any listener could see the mental abuse that took cause due to Sapp Reefa’s childhood… In one of his first written rap’s as an illiterate but street smart Illegal Soldier, Sapp Reefa boasts "I gives a fuck about myself so what you think a nigga mean to me"!!! This wild and Taliban like attitude gave Sapp Reefa a name for himself as an up and coming young soldier in the acclaimed Barton Village Augusta, GA suburbs.

Reefa began a career with the Barton Village Souljahz a.k.a Millionaires N’ Playaz " a nationally reclaimed group known throughout for their O.W.T.T. (Only With True Thugs) theme.

Sapp Reefa eventually branched off from the BVS scene and created a team of artists named the ‘Illegal Souljahz’. Progression was key in Sapp Reefa’s mind. While feeling no progression was at present, Sapp took off on his own for a solo career in the Hip-Hop arts. He began producing his own music and writing ambitiously.

Sapp Reefa set out with Label’s Ghetto Child Entertainment & Gutta Records Ent. to begin pushing his music across the Southeast. Reefa produced hits such as, “Get yo As on the Floor”, and “Riding off”. Sapp Reefa has been heard and seen performing with various artists such as Pilla, D.U.B., Ben Beamon, Wayne C., Mr. Hill, and a host of other artists that have made a name for themselves in the game.

Sapp Reefa is now an executive of the Hip-Hop games newest label – Gutta Records & Ent. While posting as a significant shareholder in the company, Sapp Reefa is still grinding his style of music and preparing for his debut album – ‘TakeOver’!



Track: Lazy Love

Genre/Format: R&B / Hip Hop / Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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