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Meghan Rice is an artist who uses personal experiences, colorful imagery, and a variety of musical genres to create her music. She leads worship in spaces that have allowed her to develop an ear for what God is saying to His people in that moment. Her lyrical delivery is beautifully unconventional and the way that she connects with the heart of God, especially in live settings, fills the room with his tangible, healing presence. She aims to make her worship experiences relational, transparent, and raw.

Singing and Songwriting Journey

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. As a three year-old, I recall adding new lyrics to my nursery rhymes. My family always encouraged my love for the arts, and allowed me to go to various auditions for shows, plays, and small feature films. In college, I was in a reggae band, a jazz band, and a gospel choir called Judah Chorale. Then I joined the worship team for Chi Alpha, a campus ministry, and I became a member of the choir at my church in Arkansas, The Church Alive.

Writing music began as a way to convey my feelings about some of the painful things that I had experienced in life. I did not always feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and emotions, but I desperately needed a way to express myself. I started with poetry and progressed to songwriting. I have found that some of my deepest longings are met in moments of artistic release. I feel heard and held and safe.

Personal experiences

Growing up, I thought I had a perfect family life⎯⎯my father played professional football and my mother owned two successful businesses⎯⎯ then turbulence hit. My parents started having relationship problems and I ended up with a mysterious illness that left me unable to walk. Doctors gave me a 50/50 chance of living.

I remember my mom sitting next to my bed, and saying, “Meghan, if I could trade places and take this sickness upon myself I would.” I responded, “Mom, it’s okay. When I die, I’m going to heaven!” She just started bawling. As she left the room, I heard God’s voice for the first time, and He said, “Meghan, that is selfish for you to want to be with me now. Your Mommy and Daddy need you.” I was shocked to think that wanting to be in heaven was selfish. After thinking it through, I replied, “God, if it’s okay with you, please let me live so my Mom and Dad won’t be sad.”

There was so much purpose and value in that painful season of my life and God planned to use it. Of course, I did not understand it at the time. For years, I struggled to believe that I had anything to offer the world around me. God used the emotions that developed in those struggles to communicate things about Himself. I wanted to be seen, understood, and valued and I wanted to reciprocate that love. God wants the same thing and He uses my music to share those desires.


I have written approximately 100 songs and led worship for groups ranging from 10 - 6,000 people. I have been able to sing in Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, New York, and South Africa in all types of denominational and non-denominational settings.

Reason for doing music

I make music because, for me, it is the best way to love God and others. Worship saved my life. It transformed me from a suicidal, insecure, and lonely girl into a woman who is confident of who she is and her place in God.


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Track: Love For You

Genre/Format: R&B, Smooth Jazz, Urban

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