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New Record Pool Add! - FEATURED ARTIST: WAI


Ricardo Campbell, professionally known as “Wai” is a singer, songwriter, producer,

studio engineer and actor. His love for music started from a very tender age, but was kindled when he joined the Oberlin High School Choir in his first year of attendance. The platform of music established while being a member of the choir made him a more rounded performer. It also provided a drive that led him to pursue a course in Performing Arts of the Excelsior Community College. During his tenure, he was a part of Jamaica National Pantomime in 2013”Maccafat”. Being in such a professional setting of the Performing Arts, his interaction with his audience, his projection skills and his overall stage presence sets him apart from many others in the music industry at his age.

Wai has very creative mind and his music portrays his unspoken words and recently

signing to Roel Entertainment Record Label as given him the path he needed to show the

world the great gift he has. Knowing that no one could depict what he speaks through his music he was motivated to become a producer. He owns his own studio “VS-Plus-Music” at Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew from where his music was born. His recording day started from as early as sixteen (16) years of age and continues until the present. In present songs such as “Change by the day” was released by Roel Entertainment and currently getting great feedback from Listeners all over the world. Though he is versatile in all areas of music , his focus is mainly on being a producer with Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Prince, James Brown, Billie Ocean, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson being his musical idols.

Wai is not marginalized by any genre of music. He as the ability to do unique music

fusions of numerous musical arts. This ability alongside his hands on training, his musical

intelligence, determination and experience in the field gives him an edge over others.

Wai also describe Roel Entertainment as a Professional environment and take keen

admiration to their boldness to work with inexperienced artiste and build them in the musical art and also sharing their knowledge and positivity with others.


Artist: WAI

Track: Highlight

Label: Roel Entertainment

Genre/Format: R&B, Pop, Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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